There are so many things that have been hard to find, I just seem to always want stuff that is sold out or not even in shops yet (although it shoud be, at least that's what I keep tellin myself while browsing the empty shelves). This was the case of Revlon Lipbutters, Maybelline Eye Tattoos, Essie nail polishes... The one that was actually a real hard quest though was Topshop Cheeks in Prism, because it happened to be discontinued ages ago, and items like that, especially as good as this one (well, I believe it's amazing), are just super hard to find. But hey, I did find it! (and did a little dance) 

This is one of those products that teaches you a lesson to be fair. I remember it was the very first Topshop make-up item I've ever wanted and used to go to look at it everytime I'd been in the city centre (oh well, that should have been an obvious sign of love, huh, or an obsession, haha!). And then it got discontinued without me even noticing. And then I just forgot about it. A few weeks ago I found it on a blogsale and since then I've pretty much been using it every day! Yees!

What's the beauty/fashion item that was hardest to hunt down for you?