Nail polish - after all, it's just a tiny bottle of paint with a tiny brush and we all pay shiz loads for it, based on the bottle design, colour (do you buy same shades again and again thinkin you don't own them yet although you obviously do and even your family/bf know that?), size of brush, brand name printed on it or shape of glitter bits floating in it. Now, I would love to look less superficial than this, but I simply can't - the proof is below. I am one of those girls with unhealthy addiction to those little colourful bottles with about 5-10ml of paint (of even less), and you might find it even more bizarre when I confess to you that I am a chronic nail biter. Here I go, with almost (almost!) 100 little bottles of happiness in a box

Just to make this clear, I am a nail biter but I do believe that puttin random vivid colours on my nails makes me stop biting them. Well, it has worked on several occasions when I was able to grow my nails fairly long but because they are so thin, I just gave in after some time (of bending them like a paper). Guess that's an excuse to buy more and more nail polish because I'm doing it for my nails' sake, right? (Oh, and I am aware that nail polishes have got loads of bad ingredients in them and probably do more harm to me than good, but oh well, I'm one little superficial girl!)  

Blue - I don't think I ever wear blue.. like ever. But still have these four amazing blues in my collection. The one from Essence is the infamous dupe of Deborah Lippmann! 

Although I don't own any vivid green nail polish (should probably look for one some time soon, right?), I have been on a quest for the perfect mint colour for ages. Probably like most of you. The colours I usually pick are rather teal than mint, so when I found Essie's Mint Candy Apple, it was a love at first sweep of a brush!  

Everyone gets attracted to glitter, right? For no sensible reason, because where to am I gonna wear such a massive golden/colourful glitter?! I guess this line should probably be called Christmas/New Year's edition!

Silver is just an add-on to the above festive edition, me thinks. Although I do think that silver/pale grey does look amazingly smart with a matte top coat!

You can tell that this one is gonna be a long chapter. Nude. You know I don't think I even like nude on my nails... and guess this is my expression of dislike. For some reason, I find nude nail polishes too creamy and they just don't look right on my boyish nails. I do like brown on my nails though, which darker shades of nude can work as pretty well.

Just to prove my point that I do love brown (surprisingly, I do like brown lipsticks as well, which might sound a bit odd), here is a few of my copper/brown shades. I think this sort of colour can work well for all sorts of occasions, it can be funky and smart and it can be paired up with all sorts of colours in an outfit.

Yellow is just another shade that I never wear, it's the same case as nude, just a bit worse. Yellow nail polishes are just so creamy and let's be honest, I'm unable to pair it with an outfit without dangerously resembling a clown.

Aaah, coral. And orange. I used to be so scared of these shades until this spring (yes, I do mean those two weeks in February!). It's such a flattering colour and it can literally brighten up my day. The one from Primark - Angelica, reeks of chemicals, but it does stay on my nails for an unbelievable amount of time without chipping! It's a real holiday-must!  

Red is such a strange shade to me. Sometimes I think it looks ridiculous on me, and sometimes I just wonder why I don't use it more often. The glittery ones are real Christmassy polishes, and the right one from MUA looks like an actual velvet when you put matte top coat on it!

I only ever use black and white for nail art, which usually means for eyes of little animals and that sort. Yeh, that's why I need three bottles of blacks. For 20 little dots on my nails once a month.

Now we are getting back to my favourites. I sure do have a thing for purple. When I was little I used to hate purple colour with passion and then suddenly I sorta grew into liking it. Maybe even lovin it. The different shades and flecks in purples just keep me amazed.

Pink is the same case like purple, as a kid I used to hate pink, thought it was too girly and cotton-candy-ish, but then I guess I realised that after all I am a girl, so a tad of pinkness won't hurt. I have a serious love relationship with Topshop's Prim & Proper and BC Rose Gold, think these are the nicest shades of pink I've ever seen! 

Finally, some great helpers for my paper-like nails! The best one by far is Nail Envy, the rest can't even compare!

I love nail art and all sorts of quirky designs you can create on your nails. It's definitely one of the main reasons why I keep trying to grow my nails long. Pikachu and ballet dancers are just too hard to fit onto such tiny nails like I have!

My definitely most favourite brand (and yes, this brand does beat OPI in my liking) is Topshop. The design is cute enough to be different from the other brands, the colours range from boring to surreal and the staying power is the best I've encountered so far. Can't wish for much more! Oh yeh, about a fiver per bottle is not the most impressive, but will do. I've bought my whole Topshop nail polish collection off blogsales & E-bay!

And last but not least, the best nail polish bargain? Definitely these massive bottles of Revlon from Poundland! One of them is even scented!

TIP FOR NAIL POLISH ADDICTS: I heard somewhere that nail polishes have got expiration of about 10 years. Unless they go all sticky and gooey, obviously. I keep them in a box with a lid (prevents any light to get in), far from the radiator and none of them has ever gone dry or gooey. Try to keep them in dark & cold, and let's see if they can stay for those 10 years, ha! 

Do you have just a few nail polishes or do you have an unnecessary amount that you can never use up?