Today I found an article on one Czech blog (Protivna Blondyna) which I thought was well worth sharing! Well, at least I caught myself in a slight awe while reading it! Have you ever heard of 'heel condoms'??! Forgive me if I'm well behind the trend, maybe you are all familiar with this product/DIY trick, but I never thought that puttin a twist on a pair of boring old shoes could be that easy!  
I'm not too sure about the name of this product, but the actual idea seems pretty cool to me! Take a pair of boring heels and dress them up with a ribbon pull-on. Obviously it seems like a fairly easy DIY project, but company called The Heel Condoms took it much further offering the coolest pull-ons (let's just drop the condoms for a bit, it makes me giggle, ha!) that you could imagine. Some of them look almost like fancy silk scarves, some of them have studs or intricate ornaments, some have got pom-poms, lace or fur/leather detailing and some even have feathers! They seem fairly easy to use and really create a brand new look for your heels! They sell for about $20-30, which is not the cheapest, but considering that some of the designs are really eye-catching, I'd say if your pocket can bear it, then you might wanna treat yourself! After all, it's way cheaper than paying for a new pair of shoes!   
(Source: The Heel Condoms)

The Heel Condoms company has got a number of stores in various countries (such as US, Netherlands or even Israel & Jamaica), or you can order them off a UK website called Pretty Pink Toes Boutique for £15-25!

What do you think?
Too crazy or crazy enough to pull them off?