Finally a sunny day, which helped my brain figure out what I actually wear when the sun it out. Yeh, I admit that during those awful rainy May days I totally forgot what a sunny day feels like. So what do I wear on days like today? A pair of sunglasses (the more ridiculous they make me look, the better!) and a straw hat. Or any hat really.

I do look like a tit in any sort of hat or/and a pair of sunglasses, but oh well. My friend once told me that it's better to play it like you are tryin to look a bit titty rather than looking like an idiot while trying to look cool.

What's your favourite shape of sunglasses? I would love to have the first pair in the last row, oh bless Prada! 

Oh, have I mentioned that my favourite place to shop for sunglasses is Primark? Can't go over £3 for a pair even if you tried!

What's your must have when the sun starts shining? 

Note: #16 Customized item links back to my DIY Louboutins!