Last time I introduced you to the first 'fantastic four' (hahaa!) of bloggers from Czech Republic and this time I've picked just as amazing English four! These four I've discovered fairly recently, but instantly fallen in love with them!

Ornate Beauty
Ane's blog is so neat with amazing crisp photographs! It's that sort of blog that makes you wanna go and sort out your shelf if it makes any sense, haha! She's got great sense for colours and a bit crazy love for blushes like me! Whatsmore, she's absolutely stunning and has got a Youtube channel too!

I Covet Thee

Alix has got a sweet girly blog with again super crisp pictures and loads of 'theme' posts (that's how I like to call them at least!), such as monthly favourites, with short and sweet product reviews. To add a bit of glamour, she posts amazing outfit photographs as well! Oh, and I love her eye make-up, always slightly different! 

Liana Beauty

On her blog Amelia Liana is able to combine high end and super low end make-up in such an amazing way! I usually don't read many reviews of Dior and such, because let's face, I'm a skint student, but her reviews make me think twice whether to have a week's food supply or that Dior blush, because look - it does work so well with Natural Collection eye shadows! Haha! Plus I love her layout and clear pictures!  

Gia May

You know when you find a blogger that has got exactly the same taste like you? That's what I think when I look at Gia May's blog! When a new post shows up I'm pretty sure that I already have the products or will eventually get them. She takes pretty original shots of products outside in the sun and also makes lovely videos which accompany almost all her posts!  


Keep up the amazing work girls, you've got some amazing blogs in your hands!

What's the last blog you came across and thought Oh, my, LOVE!?