I have to admit that I do have a thing for high end mascaras. Well, high end. I'm not really sure that I know what 'high end' means but the mascaras in my mind are about £20, so they are on the higher side to be fair when you look at the price tag. Anyways, the point is that this baby from Elizabeth Arden is ace and I haven't even found many reviews on it - shocking for such a good product! So here we go, nice to meet you Elizabeth Arden, I sincerely love your Double Density!  

To begin with the packaging, it's pretty sleek. You know when you get like a really expensive thing and it's all in a simple box, with golden font 'engraved' in it and it makes you feel all posh? Yeh, that's what I'm talkin about. Plus you also get a sort of 'prescription' sheet in the box as well, which makes it even more special. The actual packaging is simple and sophisticated, again with golden font engraved in the tube and the golden Elizabeth Arden logo engraved at the bottom of the tube. 

I've picked a colour Black/Brown since I have got some black mascaras that I need to use up and I've wanted to try a bit 'softer' look with brown eyeliner. The brush and the overall design of the mascara is what I'd describe as old fashioned, the brush is synthetic with actual bristles, no plastic wand like you often see nowadays. The consistency is rather on the drier side, but I believe the consistency is also a reason for the quality this mascara delivers. Apparently it is:

'a long-lasting, smudge proof mascara that enhances bold lashes by separating and defining the lashes'

And yes, that's what it does. It creates a nice volume at the roots with definition at the ends, does not clump, does not create spider legs (eww!), and mainly - it does not smudge nor flake! That is one of the reasons why I so love high end mascaras, because at least the once I've tried, they've never smudged or flake and stayed on whole day. It does look natural, but that sort of 'no make-up', but make-up!

I'm not trying to say that this is the most amazing, super best mascara in the world, but it is a quality mascara, which is worth the money, since drugstore mascaras just never deliver non-flakeyiness and non-smudginess, no matter what I do!

It retails for £21 in House of Fraser (10.25ml), but I'm sure they'll have it at all Elizabeth Arden counters and some beauty websites for cheaper. I got mine off E-bay for less than half-price, so I suggest you check there too, but be careful to buy only geniune product!

 Do you prefer drugstore or high end mascaras?
Which one's your favourite?