Some of you may have noticed that the new Bobbi Brown collection for S/S 2012 is all about rose gold. It's such a feminine and classy colour, I think. It's not a girly pink, and it's not cold gold, it combines the best of these two colours creating a lovely coraly mixture with hints of goldness.

Although Bobbi Brown has got more lip glosses in her collection, I found the following products to be quite a nice and easy (and cheap!) way to re-create this healthy spring flush on your cheeks (and lips and nails!)!

The first one is Sleek's powder blush in Rose Gold, which I've already blogged about here! To me, Sleek has got one of the best drugstore blushes out there. Particularly Rose Gold is really pigmented, so it's easy to work with, in the picture you can see two swipes on the brush. It creates a red-ish blush on my cheek with sort of golden highlight, so I feel like I don't really need to add any highlighter on the top. In terms of staying power, it stays on my cheeks for pretty much the whole day, I only reapply it in the evening if I'm going out.   

Number two is likely to be new to you. Technic's lipstick in Cashmere Rose is the purest rose gold colour I've discovered so far when it comes to lipsticks. You can sorta see that it is a coraly colour with golden swirls in it and on lips it looks almost like an ombre effect. This lipstick does have a really subtle artifically floral scent to it (at least that's what it smells to me like hah!) and the consistency is quite drying (you can see it in the picture on the upper lip). You need to put loads of lip balm as a base and apply only a little amount to avoid dryness. It is definitely not as drying as some other matte lipsticks, it is easily managable. Some may find it hard to get hold of this lipstick because it is only available in Body Care stores.   

Last product is probably gonna be new to you as well, as it is also available in Body Care stores only. It is Body Collection nail polish in Coral, and to be honest, the packaging slightly reminds me of Chanel nail polishes (together with the ELF ones, how posh, ha!). Although the brush is your average nail polish brush and you need about 3 coats to make it look really opaque, I love this nail polish. Even after 5 coats, it is still 'solid dry', not of that awful muddy texture some nail polishes go after 2 coats and you can't do anything for 3 hours to make sure you don't ruin them. It dries super fast (seconds, not even joking!) and the colour is just so lovely. In daylight it is more pinky and in artificial light it goes orange-y coral! It has got slight golden shimmer to it, but it's super subtle, so it looks rather like a sheen than a shimmer. Definitely a go-to colour for spring and summer, as it is so versatile, literally goes with everything (and to be fair, I don't think that there are a lot of shades that versatile, except of pure nude obviously).     

Now the interesting bit. How much do you think that this trio costs? The blush is £4.30 from Sleek website, the lipstick was around £1 and the polish as well (yeh, I said it, a quid!). That's ridiculous £6.30 for three amazingly rose gold products which are spot on trend and you can wear them whole spring and summer! If you wanna top it off with a lip gloss, I'd say go for MUA lipgloss in shade 4 (also £1!), which also has got a rose gold tint to it, although it is a bit darker coral than the rest of these products, but would be a great substitute for those 'glossy' people out there.

What's your favourite rose gold product?