I have been looking for a contouring powder/bronzer for some time now and just about a week ago I decided to go for Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light as I remember it was a big hit when it came out. And I never go for things when they are on trend, I tend to start being intrigued ages after the popularity drops. While I was at the stand I noticed another 'hitter' - Sleek Blush in Rose Gold.

Let's start with the impressions on the blusher. The packaging is sleek! (Oh what a cliche, but that's honestly the first word that comes to your mind when you hold it.) It is fairly sturdy, and has a massive mirror inside, which I think is quite handy. The only disadvantage I see is that that 'sleekness' tends to get pretty dirty with fingerprints of make up all over it. Eeek!

The amount is okay compared to the price, about £5 for 8g. Not as cheap as MUA, but from personal experience my two MUA blushers for a quid lasted for about a few days, until they A ran out and B snapped in half. (Although I have to admit I loved the product itself for its colour and consistency!) But just comparing-wise, paying a bit more for better quality, me thinks in this case!

The colour is GORGE! I thought people were over-exaggerating when they were freakin out about the amazeness over rose gold colour. Oh ye, they were right! It is the prettiest reddish pink with golden flex. Combination I would imagine a nail polish would probably have, but definitely not a blusher. The texture is quite 'bitty' if it makes sense, you can kinda see the 'sand' in the texture, however that is just in the pan. When you brush it on, it creates smooth and almost silky texture. Lush!
So for the blush, I give 10/10 after about a week of usage. Remember, this is just my first impression, I may as well write an actual catastrophic review after a few weeks if it turns poop #fingerscrosseditdoesnt.  

Now, let's have a look at the face contour kit. It contains two pans - one for highlighter and one for the actual contouring bronzer. Well,the packaging is pretty much the same. Sleek, yay! There's however one thing I'd like to mention. It is very useful that you get these two product in one packaging, but I find it quite difficult to pick up one of the products on brush and not mess up the other one. Maybe my brush is just too big O.o but it is just annoying when the pretty fair highlighter goes all brown and nasty #sigh.

As well as the blusher, the amount is fair compared to the price. It is around £6 for 14g which is two products, and you do not need that much of it. A little goes a loooong long way. Even though my shade is light, it is enough to put on just the tiniest bit and properly blend it in. Which reminds me, that one of the issues I had is the shade choice. Sleek offers the contour kit in light, medium and dark. However, I do not consider myself as the palest of skins, and it was my luck I watched someones YouTube video where the girl with simmilar shade of skin like me said that the medium is way too dark, as I would have grabbed it myself. Light is therefore not for very pale skin and I dare say this excludes quite a number of users to be honest. Maybe a very light shade, Sleek, hm?

Texture of the highlighter is not very similar to the blusher, it is more smooth when you look at it, however when applied it contains quite big flexes of silver? It is hard to describe, but let's say it makes the skin look smooth but creates a sort of silverish film on it. Which I do not regard as bad, but someone might. Probably slightly darker skin types would see this as too 'layer-ish'. I tried to multi-use it and put it on my cheek bones, eye brow arches, nose, and even as eyeshadow base! 

The contour powder itself is more of a texture of the blusher, but less chunky in the pan. It is so easy to blend it and is totally matte, which is rare for bronzers. It is so smooth in texture when blended in that it kinda sinks into your skin, which I really like. Nevertheless, I am not too sure about its staying power, as so far I am not too impressed with it. I will have to put it through more testing over a few more weeks.
The contour kit therefore gets 9/10 so far, as the packaging is really nice and I can't tell how to improve it, but the shift of brown onto white is a bit annoyin and the stayin power has not amazed me yet.

Overall, I am impressed with the contour kit, as well as the blusher! They have quickly become my day-to-day products and after more testing, they surely have the potential to become my trusted ones! #fingerscrossed

Do you use Sleek? Have you tried other blusher shades?