Hollister is such an intriguing shop, you surely agree! I love the smell of the whole place, the special effects, the unbelievably beautiful people...and since I cannot see the clothes (due to pitch black darkness in the shop - yes, Hollister, again, I say SWITCH THE LIGHTS ON!) and therefore cannot buy any, I at least sniff around. These are my tursted smellies: Hollister EDP Malaia & Body Mist Malibu Beach.

The body mist is so SWEET! When you spray it on, you can kinda taste the sweetness. It is a bit overpowering, but as it is just a body mist, it goes away in a bit. Although, it stays on for a decent amount of time, considering it is JUST a body mist. The sweetness is a bit like.. the sweet fruity Escadas, but a little bit stronger.
What I do not like about it, is the price. You get 250ml, but you pay £7-£10 (depending if it is on offer) which I think, the higher number, is a bit too much for a body mist.

The EDP smells simmilar in a way, but slightly less overpowering. It is also very sweet with a drop of refreshing undertone to it. For your imagination - it smells like Hollister. Not even joking, it is the smell they have around the shop! #sniffsniff
What is trully amazing about this perfume is the packaging. It is the most adorable bottle with little puff you press to get the perfume out. Extremely old-fashioned and feminine!
Price is, considering the price of the body mist, pretty affordable. For 60ml I paid about £30. 

To say the least, I love these smells, they are so sweet and girly!
Have you tried Hollister smells? Have you managed to figure out the colour and look of clothes in the dark?