Nail polish finds at least of a month! Skin Food in Red Stone and LUCIDarling (Skin Food as well) in Crystal Gold.

People like me, with a slight nail polish obsession are hard to impress when it comes to new nail polishes. There are cult OPIs and Essies and China Glazes and Barry Ms, but after all it is the same brand over and over again, and one would wish to see some change once in a while. So here we are, two most adorable colours of this winter! I wish you could see the flex in the Red Stone! It reminds me a bit of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark with larger sparkle (not a glitter really). It is much warmer though, with more reddish undertone. Well, its just the most perfect Xmas colour to be honest! 
The Crystal Gold reminds me a lot of Deborah Lippmann's collection of chunky glitter nail polishes. It's pretty much a dupe of it, pure golden colour with round chunky glitter with rainbow flex!

Have you got any experience with Skin Food nailpolishes? What are your favourite festive colours?