Do you remember cheap roll-on lip glosses which they used to sell at pharmacy counters and had scent resembling that of lollipops? Maybe that was just a Czech thing, but I loved them. To be fair, I love anything which has got a roll-on. No matter how  old-fashioned roll-ons are, I still find them pretty cool!    

Not long ago I re-discovered these lovely Technic roll-on lip glosses in Body Care. I admit that roll-ons are pretty old design and they are quite non-hygienic, since you roll over your lips with the same thingy over and over again. Nevertheless, I find them easier to use than brushes or wands, guess that's purely a personal preference (or my secret love for vintage, hah!). These retail for ridiculous 59p each come in 6 scents - apple, banana, tangerine, wild berry, red cherry and wild raspberry. Don't think you can go more budget than with these lip glosses, haha! 

Are they worth these 59p? Totally are! They have the loveliest scent ever, exactly like the fruit that they represent. I find the tangerine one the least scented from the ones that I have (and the scent is still pretty strong to be honest!). They are obviously on a cheap(est) side when it comes to ingredients, so don't expect any herbal extracts. They have 'oily' consistency, which someone might find greasy, but I find it sorta hydrating. They definitely don't dry my lips or make them more chapped, I'd rather say they have a lip balm effect on me (which might as well be just my luck!). They deliver a pure glossiness with pretty much no colour or tint whatsoever. The packaging is bright and fun, and although I'm often worried that they might leak (hence carry them in my leak-proof make up bag), they have not done so yet (knock on the wood, ha!)    

Overall if you want glossy lips and have 59p in your pocket, try these, you might get on with them as well as I do! Plus you never worried about using them up, as you can get the whole collection for a fracture of price of other drugstore lip gloss.

What is your favourite budget lip gloss?