I've never bought anything from Fler before, because I just find the offer there overwhelming and the site itself quite confusing (Fler is Czech, but it is pretty much the same like Etsy). However, I got to know one lovely blogger who makes and sells her own jewellery there and she's ace at it! Classy and on trend - meet Vera Label!

 I came across Veronika's jewellery e-store through her blog Jewel Notes, which I love reading! She's a stunning photographer and although she's Czech, her posts are mostly in English - plus she gives you some little sneak peeks into the jewellery making too! The order arrived super fast and troubleless, all wrapped up nicely and safely (I had it sent to my Czech home as my Mum was sending me some presents anyways and wanted to see it before I do, oh well, nosey mums hah!).  

I totally fell in love with this leather/chain bracelet when I saw it online. It goes perfectly with stacks of bracelets I've got from H&M, but this one has got cream leather in it and a little dangly leave, which makes it much more unique than the H&M ones are. The quality definitely tops H&M and what I probably like the most about it is the size - it fits tighter on my wrist, which I find really comfortable (as you could guess, I can't stand bangles, eek!).

Veronika launched a new (springy?) line after I had ordered, which I proper regretted after seeing this little beauty online, but she was so kind and sent me one as well - thank you so much! It is the most amazing rose gold (rose gold seems to be in forever, right?) bracelet I've seen! It is so pretty! The rim is made of dark brown leather and the wire is of sorta coppery/golden colour. Plus I love how the little wire ends look ridiculously similar to hearts (not sure that was the intention but they just do - bonus!). This rose gold baby is more sturdy than the leather/chain one but it does sit nicely on my wrist.   

I love how the cream leather compliments my golden watch! 

Me with my wrinkley neck modelling the bracelets so you can see how tightly they fit. They are both 100% handmade, just like the rest of Veronika's jewellery and the quality is amazing, can't see them falling apart like some high street shop ones do sometimes.

You can check her out in these online shops:


You can find loads of lovely delicate bracelets which are lovely on their own or stacked up (I pretty much want all of them hah!) and also a few other things such as earrings, photography puzzle or fun stickers! Check both her jewellery and blog out, it's definitely worth it! 

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy/Fler?