In the last part of this blackhead trilogy, I would like to mention one last product I use in my routine, however I would not recommend it. It is The Face Shop' Black Head Ex Nose Clay Mask.

I've bought this while trying to find the best mask for eliminating blackheads (read about Naturgo mask here!). I got it off E-bay again for about £3 (50g) and I really liked that unlike Naturgo, it comes in a tube, therefore it is easier to store and I don't have to worry about it drying out. I've read quite a lot of good reviews about it and looking at what it should do, it sounds really appealing. 
Again, the label is in Korean (right?) and therefore I just had to trust Google about ingredients and other details. 

Apparently this mask is designed for deep cleansing and is meant to dissolve blackheads in your pores. It contains mulberry, coix seed oil and black rice extracts which work as anti-ageing agents and leave your skin soft and supple. But does it really do it?

I use this mask after I use Naturgo, because it seems to compliment it. Nevertheless, to me it is more like a little baby sister of Naturgo. It does something to your skin, but not even remotely as much as Naturgo does. The consistency is extremely thick, almost glue-like, which makes it quite difficult to use. When it dries (after about 15 minutes), it happens to have almost paper texture and when you rip it off (yes, you rip it off!) it hurts like hell. It seems to be taking off good half of my skin with it. It leaves really dry skin and often red patches (these disappear in about 10 minutes). Again, you are advised to splash cold water over your face after you use it to close your pores.  

I keep using this only because I already have it and it seems to be a good 'top-up sweep' for blackheads. However, I would not recommend you to buy this unless you will use it as a second mask like me. Using it on its own, you can't really see dramatic results and multiple uses won't make it much better to be honest.

Although some of the photos in this blackhead trilogy were slightly over the top of standard 'blogging about beauty', hopefully they helped you in one or another way. I really believe that beauty bloggers should sometimes go more wild and actually offer solutions to beauty troubles, not only how to cover them with concealer or nail polish. That sorta reminds me of that campaign about waste dumped into oceans - just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there!)
 What is your biggest beauty trouble fear?