If you read yesterday's post you know this is a follow up. And if you follow me on Twitter you know I'm super excited to tell you about this product because it is something I believe not many people know about, but definitely should, as it is pretty much a little miracle when it comes to fighting blackheads!
Yesterday I introduced you to oil cleanser, which basically dissolves blackheads and dirt in your pores. I usually use it as a prep-stage for face masks, because I admit my blackheads are bit on a stubborn side and the cleansing oil is a bit of a softie on its own. Now, it took me ages to find a mask that would actually work the way I wanted it. You surely know about all sorts of nose strips and peel-off masks which promise miracles but all they do is take off just upper layer of dead skin cells (not bad though, just nothing too dramatic when it comes to blocked pores) and maybe take one, two blackheads with. I just wasn't happy with anything that crossed my way. Finally, I realised that I should look more into Asian market, because (no offence here, this is my assumption) Asian people seem to suffer from blackheads more and with their inventive nature, there must be something that works, right? Well and there is! Shiseido Naturgo Black Mask (imagine fireworks while you reading this please and you know what? read it again, because you do need to remember this, I promise you won't regret it!)

Again, same like with Etude House, Shiseido is hard to find English information about. They do have UK websites and they have stores in the UK, but this particular product seems to be unreachable to me over here. Maybe it is even discontinued (and hopefully replaced by another, even better mask?), I can't tell, but again, you can get it on E-bay for about £1-2 a bag which lasts good few applications if used only on problematic areas. As you can see in the picture below, I find it hard to read instructions/ingredients as it is in Japanese (hope a right guess again?). Nevertheless, Google can do the job!    

Naturgo black mask is basically a clay peel-off cleansing mask. Apparently the two main ingredients are Black Sea clay from Israel and LAG revitalizer.

Black Sea clay contains a high amount of rich minerals and natural essences and therefore works as a pore cleanser and helps to balance oil secretion. 

LAG revitalizer is Shiseido's 'secret ingredient' used in a number of their products. Apparently, it is a unique combination of natural extracts and vitamins. This ingredient lightens pigmentation (apparently this mask has got whitening effects, but to be honest, I have not noticed any difference in my skin tone) and it promotes skin revitalisation. Now what's really important, it penetrates skin into deeper layers (pore deep, not super deep, don't be scared!) where it help pores to stay nourished and moisturised, as well as it fights (read 'pushes out from your pores') blackheads, whiteheads and spots , it seriously reduces pore size, wrinkles, fine lines, enhances skin collagen regeneration, elasticity and gives you smooth and soft skin.

This mask should be suitable for sensitive, oily and combination skin, however pretty much my whole family and a few friends used it, which I would say covers all sorts of skin ranges ,and noone complained so far (but do not take my word for this as there is always a skin which does not like certain ingredients!).  

Now you have read that this pretty mask should pretty much do miracles to your skin, the question is whether it really works?

(I would like to emphasise that only strong individuals who do not react too negatively to a bit yucky visual content are allowed to continue reading - on their own risk!)  

As you can see in the pictures, this mask is super thick, it sorta reminds me of asphalt in summer haha - pure black and melting! The application requires a bit of speed, because the mask dries quite quickly when it starts oxidising! On clean skin (read previous post - I suggest you exfoliate, use cleansing oil and splash warm water over your face to open your pores) apply this mask in quite a thickish layer (so that you can't see much of your skin peeking through) on problematic areas with blackheads (I apply it on my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). Wait until the mask is dry, which may take up to 30 minutes if you apply it thick, but the layer I do usually takes up to 15 minutes to dry. Because it is so thick, it is very convenient to use, as it sticks perfectly to your skin, hence no risk of fall-offs and you can do whatever you want during the drying time.

Now the super yucky picture, but I figured out without it, it would look like any other peel-off mask out there, so here we go. When you apply it, you might feel a tickling sensation. Or just tickling really. It literally 'pulls out' dirt and blackheads from your skin. I use it about 1/2x a fortnight and it always looks I've never used it before (hence so yucky). When you start using it though I suggest a more frequent usage, about 2-3x a week to see dramatic results. Once applied, you can see the mask actually working on your face, and how many products out there actually provide you with proofs? 

When you feel the mask is fully dry (you can see it looses glossiness, starts peeling off on sides and well, it is dry to touch) you peel it off (I suggest be a bit rough, because that way you pull out even more stubborn dirt from your pores). Now probably the most gross bit is the peeled off mask, which actually shows you all blackheads and dirt it pulled out (eeeew!).

After you peel it off, I suggest wiping off remaining mask with a cleansing wipe or just wash it off with water and splash cold water on your face to 'close' your now still open pores, which is really important, otherwise they start 'catching in' all the dirt again. Although this mask does not make your skin tense or dry, I always use my Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate on the top, because it feels nice on clean skin and gives it a bit of boost (read review here)!

As I've already mentioned at the beginning, this mask works wonders for me and there are so little reviews online about it. I don't want you to think it will help you get rid of blackheads for good leaving you with the most perfect skin with no visible pores, as it will not, but it does improve skin amazingly, leaving it much brighter and eliminates I would say more than 50+% of blackheads when used regularly.

Have you ever tried Naturgo black mask?
What is the best mask you've tried to fight blackheads?