You have surely heard about or even own a sugar lip scrub (either the Lush one or if you are more crafty type you might have made your own). They came to Lush about two years ago if I remember right and although they've become quite a popular product, I have not seen many companies  (FabuLips have got one I think?) adopting this concept (probably because it is so easy to make one at home?). A new one popped up recently in New Look's line of cosmetics - SugarLips.    

Although New Look had some great nail polish colours in their range, I've never dared to pick up any other cosmetics, because I simply find it hard to trust fashion store about make-up. But seeing this lovely duo - lip scrub & lip balm for £4.99 (price for a set, each is 16.6g), I decided to give it a go (plus the gooseberry flavour seduced me!).

The design of pots is really cute, sorta looking like jam jars made of sturdy plastic (they seem to light to be glass)! What I did not like about the jars is the lid, because for some reason I find it really hard to find the right position to screw it back on once it is opened. Nevertheless, a bit of fight will do.

The lip scrub has got quite a funky colour - I dare say fluorescent green! But it does have a great scent to it, not really gooseberry (now I'm not sure why it is called gooseberry - maybe the green colour?), it rather smells like a sweet kids' chewing gum with a hint of freshness to it. It is something you definitely do want to put on your lips.   

The consistency is a bit smoother and more moist-y (how many of you don't like this word? hah!) than Lush's lip scrubs, so I find it easier to apply - it has less fall off than the lush one and since it has got Jojoba oil in it, it is quite 'greasy', so sticks nicely to your lips. The sugar bits are still rough enough though to give you a nice exfoliation effect and my lips feel amazing after I use it, I would actually say I prefer this to the Lush lip scrub. It is also less sweet, so you don't find yourself eating half of it off your lips. What I did not like too much was that the 'greasiness' transfers on the label and stains it, but it might have been me not being able to use it more carefully.

The lip balm makes a great duo with the lip scrub. I can agree with SugarLips, that this does have somewhat raspberry-ish scent to, as well as the colour (with a slight shimmer in it which does not really shows up on my lips).

The consistency is super thick and sticky (imagine the stickiest lip balm you've ever seen!), so I've figured out that it is best to use a lip brush to apply it - the application is easy peasy with it and you avoid transferring any bacteria from your fingers onto your freshly scrubbed lips (which I would assume are more sensitive after exfoliation). Although the stickiness is unreal, I find it quite appropriate in this case, because your lips feel so soft after the lip scrub, this sort of seals them and makes them much smoother. If I could suggest an upgrade for SugarLips, I'd say make a duo with lip butter instead, as the lip balm is pretty much a thick vaseline with nice dark pink sheen and scent to it.  

As you can guess, I would not recommend this as an 'on the go' lip armoury, but it is a nice 'at home' treatment for your lips including the simplest lip treatments - a lip scrub and a lip balm - packed in a cute duo for cheap price. 

I've taken picture after I used both of these pots and you can tell that my lips look pretty smooth (please ignore my baby hair flying around and wonky brows!).  

Have you tried any New Look make-up products?
What's your favourite lip scrub?