Yves Rocher is one of a kind company, which seems to be super careful about every single action they take in order to create powerful natural products which are respectful to your skin. I've always loved Yves Rocher to bits and even now I remember the first product I bought with my own money when I was about 14!

It was the most amazing roll-on cream lip gloss with purple shine to it, which reflected in light. It was the first lip product I used up in my life and I carried it with me to school every day. If you know whether it is possible to get my hands on it, let me know, because I seriously need it in my life again! But back to the topic, Yves Rocher is a pearl among all sorts of cosmetic brands, and I was thrilled when I found their online shop in the UK. Why are they so amazing?

This brand is quite similar to L'Occitane and to be honest with you, I'm not sure what's the major difference between these two, as they both represent natural products, do not test on animals and try to be as sustainable as possible in their actions. Yves Rocher particularly has the following focus: agriculture, research on plants, development of new active formulae, using raw ingredients, sustainable manufacturing and packaging as well as efficient distribution. You can read more on their website here! Since I'm so in love with the products and I don't remember a single one that would fail me, here are a few bits I got!

As you may have noticed, I am a bit green tea obsessed. I used up almost half of my L'Occitane green tea solid perfume *woops*, so I decided to go for this Green Tea Eau de Cologne. I think I've already had about 3 before, and it is such a fresh scent that nothing can beat it for summer months! Plus it was on sale for a mere tenner for ridiculously massive amount of 125ml!    

As I was browsing through the sale section, I came across this hair balm conditioner and as it is meant to revive and intensify auburn glints of my hair, I gave it a try, because my hair seems a bit dull after winter and after all the years of colouring it and treating it like a poop. That was about £2 for 150ml if I remember right.

Now I almost forgot how amazing the customer service and whole Yves Rocher experience is! Back in Czech Republic, me and my mum used to have VIP member cards (not sure what they are called to be honest), which give you so much more (and I mean more than any other card I've had in the UK!). Every month, if I remember right, you would received a card by post with offers, including a freebie for you to pick up in store and another freebie offer when you spend about tenner usually. And the freebies were quite cool to be fair, I've had sets of earrings and necklaces, bracelets, handbags, mug & duvet! Not that they would be of a luxurious quality, but none of the gifts were poor as some freebies are sometimes. Plus for your birthday you either get a special gift or massive discount. At least that's what it used to be a few years ago! So of course, with the online purchase I got overexcited again, as they offer you some free products and you can choose what you want. I think the offer was a shower set of brushes/sponges, a number of various face creams and this little trio which I picked. The samples are uber generous to be fair! I received 30ml of Shea Butter Repair Lotion, 50ml of Shower Oil with Organic Argan and 5ml miniature bottle of EDP (yes, EDP!). All the beauty boxes can bite themselves, hah!  

And that's not all, ladies and gentlemen! You can pick a number of free samples and you can choose which ones you prefer, again! There are creams, lotions and perfumes, if I remember right. Since I love Yves Rocher perfumes, I went for these three floral ones! Each is 0,7ml and there are two EDP and one EDT. 

Honestly, I can't imagine a single person being unhappy with this service. The delivery took about 2-3 days and for about £15 I got all these lovely products! I will surely pop up a few reviews on them later on! You can order here!

Have you tried this brand before?
What's your favourite Yves Rocher product?