Rio Rosa Mosqueta facial oil review
As a beauty blogger I get to try a fair share of skincare products on a regular basis. I trial them - some of them are brilliant, some of them less so - and then I tell you about them. This means that I'm constantly putting more strain on my skin than perhaps you do. Over the years I've figured out that there's only one thing that springs my skin back to normal no matter what I slather on it - a rosehip oil.

🌹 The importance of rosehip oil in your beauty routine
Rosehip oil is a cold pressed oil derived from the seeds of a specific variety of rose. It contains essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B-carotene. The combination of these properties can literally transform your skin (I'm talking glycolic acid Pixi Glow kind of transformation!). As you already know the only products that I believe can visibly improve the quality of your skin are those that can stimulate collagen. Which is exactly what rosehip oil does - its vitamins can penetrate deep into your skin where they stimulate creation of collagen leaving you with less wrinkles and renewed skin. This deep penetration into your skin also means that it helps restoration of your skin after sun exposure (works magic on sunburnt & irritated skin too!). Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two key elements which can visibly moisturise, tone and even retexturise your skin after just one use. Essential fatty acids improve your skin's elasticity, combat blemishes and skin's imbalances. On top of all this rosehip oil is very easily sourced and is natural. You can be using a 100% pure organic rosehip oil without spending a little fortunate on it (plus it smells amazing without any additional parfumation!). You will also find that many brands now add various other oils to create even more powerful concoctions!

🌿 Rio Rosa Mosqueta Antioxidant Facial Oil (£24.99, Rio Rosa Mosqueta - buy it here)
I've used so many various brands of rosehip oil over the years and I couldn't possibly pick one over another - they are all absolutely perfect and I rely on this little magical gem to keep my skin fresh looking every single day. It works perfectly with my derma roller (which I'm forever obsessed with) or just on its own. And even under my foundation! One such powerful concoction of oils I've been using lately is this Antioxidant Facial Oil by Rio Rosa Mosqueta. If you're worried that a pure rosehip will be too heavy or greasy for you then this lightweight formula will be perfect for you. This 100% natural mix of oils contains not just rosehip but also oils and extracts from cranberry, grape, Argan, jojoba, Macadamia, sunflower, sacha inchi, geranium and lavender. This combination has been specifically formulated to protect your skin from city pollution and stress damage. Oh, and have I mentioned how heavenly this smells?

Whichever rosehip oil you choose I can promise you it will quickly become your life saver.
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Why rosehip oil is that one beauty product everyone woman must try

💭 Rio Rosa Mosqueta have sent me this oil to try (thank you!) - this doesn't make this review any less true and real as rosehip oil is the holiest of grails in my beauty regime. You won't find me without a bottle (or two) of it - ever!