6 blogs I've actually read in May
Another month, another round of 6 mind-blowingly GOOD blogs that you must give a try this month. When I started this series in December 2016 I knew there were lots & lots of gorgeous blogs I wanted to share with you. What I didn't know was that there were going to be so many fabulous blogs floating around the blogosphere that I won't be able to pick just 6 a month! This round was a tough one! All these blogs are incredibly inspirational, written by beautiful ladies with a great taste & a real talent for creative writing.


🌵 Michelle Morchela (read it here)
Michelle is a Czech blogger who writes her blog fully in English which I find to be extremely rare. Michelle's blog is full of beauty tips and reviews (accompanied by gorgeous crisp photography) with a little glimpse into her life for good measure. This girl has absolutely insane make-up skills and when I say her eye make-up is flawless I mean absolutely flipping flawless, like you wouldn't believe. Just look at this heart-stopping cut crease!

🌵 SF Girl by Bay (find this blog here)
The beautiful lady who writes this blog, Victoria, is also the author of a book called See San Francisco (buy it here). Her blog is full of explorations from San Francisco, Los Angeles and her travels together with one big dose of stunning interior decor inspiration. This post totally makes me want to get a vintage rattan or bamboo chair off eBay and spray paint it black, just imagine! If home decor & wanderlust are your thing then this blog is perfect for you!

🌵 Flax & Twine (have a read here)
Flax & Twine is a blog run by Anne who's based in Denver. She writes about everything crafty from this awesome arm knit basket (which doubles as a plant pot) to this insanely cosy looking hand crochet round pillow. Her blog is one of those that you'll just sit flicking through the archive until you've reached the very last (read first) post. Anne pays attention to detail like no one else - her projects are mapped out down to a T and she also provides patterns for majority of them.

🌵 Frassy Audrey (explore here)
I have been reading this blog for YEARS and Audrey is still my absolute favourite blogger, Instagrammer and now also Insta-story-master. This girl's crazy - in the best possible way. She's incredibly beautiful with a real eye for fashion and photography. Audrey has moved from the US to Paris and then to Barcelona which definitely resonates with me & my life moves but the key selling point of her blog is her writing style. This ain't no 'this is a pretty nail polish' kind of blog - this girl writes blog posts as if they were poems. Read her Barcelona city guide (here) to get a flavour of her skills!

🌵 The Beauty Berry (learn more about this blog here)
If you're craving that old school blog feel with lots of substantial information & actual useful advice and tips then The Beauty Berry is your perfect destination. Written by a super talented MUA Paula, who's originally from Poland but now living in Cambridgeshire, The Beauty Berry is full of incredibly thorough make-up posts from tutorials to tips on various techniques of make-up application. If you want to learn more about beauty then this is the blog for you! Oh, and if you're still struggling to get that eyeliner on fleek then check out Paula's eyeliner tutorial here.

🌵 Kerry Lockwood in Detail (admire it here)
You know that I have a huge crush on US interior decor blogs - one reason for this is that I simply doesn't seem to come across as many interior decor blogs here in the UK. Kerry's blog is exactly what I'm looking for when on a hunt for home decor inspiration - and she's based up North! Interior stylist by profession Kerry offers her services via her website (from room refreshes to full restyles) but also writes about her own little home full of those enticing moody hues and antique finds. How gorgeous is here cosy office space?! See it here!

Which blogs have you been reading this month?

6 blogs I've actually read in May

6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read
6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read