Teeth whitening at home that works (tested for 6+ years!)
I've never been overly concerned about the whiteness of my teeth - until 2008, that is. You know when you think that something about you is completely fine - there are so many other things that you feel insecure about - and then BANG! - 'oh, why are your teeth SO YELLOW?!' The inevitable happens - you add it to your mental list of insecurities and move on with your life thinking did I drink too much red wine yesterday? Too much coffee in the past month? It took me a good few years full of dental trial & error to figure out which products actually do make my teeth whiter and which just say so on the packaging. It's been at least 6 years since I've come up with a bulletproof dental routine which not only keeps my teeth in good shape - it also keeps them pretty damn white!

How often should I brush my teeth?
I brush my teeth twice a day. I know so many people that brush their teeth maybe twice a week, it's ridiculous (& bloody vile - no wonder your teeth are on their way out of your mouth eh!). I'm not one for overdoing it - for example I won't brush my teeth after every single meal - but at the same time I'm not able to start my day or go to bed without a quick brush.

What toothbrush should I be using?
This really depends on your teeth - if your teeth and gums are sensitive you should be using the likes of soft Sensodyne toothbrush. If your teeth are quite strong without much sensitivity to them then you can use a slightly more impactful toothbrush. I use SpinBrush (you can get it here, but they also have it in Savers for £3 I believe). I've tried a multitude of toothbrushes from those with tiny heads to those with tongue scrapers, to those with round rotating heads. I've even tried interdental brushes! But SpinBrush always comes as a winner - it's battery operated so no constant charging, the heads are replaceable and the head is split into two parts - the top round part spins SUPER fast and the bottom part vibrates. This way you're getting the best of both worlds - the spinning part is your regular electric toothbrush plus you're also getting the length of a regular toothbrush. I find the high speed and split head of this toothbrush is what makes it so effective for me. Trust me - your teeth have not felt clean until you've used this!

What toothpaste to go with this toothbrush?
I'm a huge believer in Crest 3D whitening toothpaste (you can get it here) however I do understand that it's quite costly. As an alternative I recommend any toothpaste from the Arm & Hammer range - these toothpastes, just like Crest 3D, are using baking soda as one of their key ingredients which is one of the most effective teeth whitening ingredients available. Some dentists are against using baking soda on your teeth but you must remember that in products such as toothpastes there's only a very small amount of it. For those who are struggling with plaque and tartar (and that horrid 'furry teeth' feeling) I recommend Frezyderm Plaque & Tartar toothpaste (get it here) which contains sodium fluoride and a number of anti-inflammatory properties (myrrh & sage) protecting your teeth from creation of that unpleasant oral microbial biofilm. For slightly more mechanical abrasion I recommend trying Toothy Tabs from Lush (find them here) which are great however will not be everyone's cup of tea. These tabs are solid and you have to chew on them before brushing your teeth with the gritty remnants of the tablets. They also contain a lot of natural oils which can taste a little funny if you're not used to natural toothpaste flavours.

The ultimate teeth whitening products
I wouldn't recommend using anything else but teeth whitening strips. I've tried so many various products from trays to pens and nail polish whiteners for your teeth (those were weeeeird). The only product that works 100% on my teeth are whitening strips. In the past I've used Crest 3D Whitening Strips (buy them here or here) which I believe are the best ones. They used to be readily available to buy on eBay but just like with every single beauty product these have been replaced with fakes from China. Be extremely careful when buying these off eBay and always message the seller to confirm these are indeed the Crest 3D Whitening Strips. Alternatively you can pick up Janina Whitening Strips from Boots (buy here) which are not as brilliant as Crest 3D however are just fine for topping up after a course of Crest or if your teeth are not too stained to start with.

Anything else?
Crest 3D Mouthwash is a great addition to your routine however it's pretty expensive when buying it online. I recommend swapping it for Listerine Advanced White Mouthwash (get it here) which costs a fraction of the price but works just as well. Add some light flossing (I'm not a fan but do understand the benefits of it) and limit your coffee/tea/red wine intake to a cup a day and your teeth will be super white in no time. Also - fake tan makes your teeth look way whiter than they are, just saying.

Hope these tips will help you!
What do you use to keep your teeth super white?

💭 Frezyderm has kindly sent me their toothpastes to try (thank you!) - all products, including these toothpastes, have been thoroughly tested & trialled, some of them for more than 6 years!