Bloody hell, of course you can! You can exercise wherever the heck you want to. That is the beauty of it - you can go trekking in the woods, hiking in the mountains, diving in the Red Sea trench or ohm-ing on your sofa whilst watching the Bake Off. I haven't completely fooled you with the title though - you can't exercise just anywhere - it must be a place you are comfortable at, somewhere that makes you happy & confident, somewhere where you feel safe & not judged. It depends entirely on your personality - it's kind of the same thing when they ask you what study type you are. Some people excel when they study in dead silence. Some people can memorise the Yellow Pages whilst listening to their favourite heavy metal band. It's up to you to find your perfect place but here are a few prompts for you to realise that you're not just tied to the gym!

🏋🏻 In the comfort of your own home

The emphasis is on the comfort. If that's where your comfort zone is then there's no reason to leave it. If that's where you're at your most motivated then stay there. You can do loads of different exercises at home - from BBG (click here) to Yoga with Adriene (watch here). You can even set up a little home gym if you have the room for it - as long as you're motivated and happy then no one can say a moo.

🏋🏻 In your neighbourhood

If your neighbourhood/town/city is a safe, beautiful place then why not take the opportunity and exercise just outside of your door. Not literally - I mean go for a run (you can do a few laps around the block), greet the morning with a sun salutation from your porch, play football with your neighbour.

🏋🏻 Beautiful sceneries & historic town centres

Shaun and I personally like to go to pretty places - especially for our runs (& a bit of yoga). Recently we've been going to Sutton Park (just outside of Birmingham). Early mornings are absolutely breath-taking there - especially with a little bit of frost on the leaves. So pretty & calm! And there's no one around but a few couples walking their dogs. Perfect! We have also been to Ironbridge (a bloomin' hilly terrain that is!) and Stratford upon Avon. Both ideal for quick jogs & a spot of morning meditation.

🏋🏻 From the top of the world

Views can sometimes make you feel super serene - and I don't necessarily mean just tops of hills & mountains. You will laugh at me but I sometimes like to take a few moments when on top of a multi storey car park, maybe do a couple of yoga breathing exercises and stretches. Like, no one's ever at the very top level of the car parks around here so why not!

Just be honest with yourself - if gym is not the right place for you then it'll never be. Or at least it won't be the perfect place for you tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe eventually but not yet. And there's no need to push yourself. You're already pushing all you buttons & limits when doing the exercise you love (because let's face it, it is a damn hard work) so choose a location that will make you not think about where you are and put all your thoughts and effort into the stretches instead.

Where do you feel yourself when exercising?
'Why doing yoga on top of a multi storey car park is not just all that silly - or is it!🐒'