The ultimate BB cream: Skin79 Super+ BB review 2016

I've been raving about Skin79 Super BB cream for 5 years now. This review was originally published in late 2011 as one of my very first blog posts ever. How insane does that sound! Over the years I have gone through a numerous tubs of this BB cream and I absolutely cannot fault it. Recently I've acquired another tub as a part of my most definitely excessive Koreanmall haul (see it here) & I thought that an updated review is in order. When you have been using a product for years you really do get a grip of the whole honest review agenda then.

What is a BB cream?
Five years ago BB creams were 'that Korean thing'. Everyone was using MAC foundation & the world was spinning just fine. But then the Western world started picking up on the Asian beauty trends and BB cream became a fundamental in our beauty drawers too. Beauty balm, blemish balm, beblish balm, blemish base. Whatever those two letters stand for, they represent one and only skin base product. BB cream was originally developed by surgeons for patients after skin operations, and was designed to have multiple functions, speeding up the process of healing and perfecting the complexion. BB cream works as a moisturiser, foundation, blemish treatment, enhancement of natural look, it evens out your skin tone, offers SPF protection, primes your skin, whitens/brightens your skin and much more - essentially one good all rounder for everything that you need from your base product.

Why's Skin79 Super+ BB my favourite?
The consistency is thick like a cream yet it is not greasy. It gives a really good coverage and oxidises to match my skin - and it doesn't even matter whether I've been tanning or not, the shade just works. It doesn't break me out and even contributes to soothing the occasional spot or two whilst covering them up naturally. The lasting power is a full day for me but this might vary depending on your skin type. I love the floral scent of it which some might find irritating however I find it almost luxurious!

Where to buy it?
BB creams still happen to be one of the most 'faked' products on eBay, therefore I suggest you are extremely careful when choosing your seller. I strongly suggest you buy it from Asian beauty suppliers such as YesStyle (buy here) or Koreanmall (currently sold out, buy the gold version here) rather than off eBay.

How to spot a fake?
If you really do want to go down the eBay or Depop route then here's a few tips on how to spot a fake.
⚠️ The box has got a 'tear-up' line all the way down at the back of the box, which is apparently not on the fake box at all
⚠️ The real BB has got rainbow flecks in the colour of all text on the tub, and the font stays on even when you try to scratch it off with your nail
⚠️ There are obvious spelling mistakes on the fake one
⚠️ The pump top is all metallic on the real one, whereas the fake one's is half white in some cases
⚠️ The text on the back side of the box is in English, whereas the fake one has got the text only in various Asian languages
⚠️ The real one has got a bar code AND an expiry date on the bottom side of the box, whereas the fake one has only an expiry date

The ultimate BB cream: Skin79 Super+ BB
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The ultimate BB cream: Skin79 Super+ BB