HYGGE for your cat๐Ÿฆ (+20 cat toys!)​
Everyone & their cat are obsessed with the Danish phenomenon of hygge. Everything must be hygge this autumn, otherwise I won't come out & will hibernate until next year (or at least until everyone understands that bird hygge is the word). Ironically cats are the ones who bring the ultimate hygge into your home - the hot-water-bottle-like belly rubs, the warm calming purrs... Yet - what are we doing to repay the favour?

I say we do hygge for cats! Get your cat a new super cosy bed (or at least give the old one a wash, for God's sake!), get him a new food bowl (on a raised tray - obviously, he's not an animal to be eating off the floor!), a fancy scratcher (you could get a new carpet instead, those work too, ha!) & a whole basketful of toys! Oh, and don't forget the nip!

HYGGE for your cat๐Ÿฆ (+20 cat toys!)​

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Do you sometimes treat your cat to pretty things just because CAT LOVE?