Two books you have to read!
Whilst searching for the ultimate self-discovery and a healthier, happier me, I have crossed paths with two books that left a lasting impression. And let's be honest here - books about healthy lifestyle rarely leave any kind of impression on me, let alone a positive one. So if you're on a quest for a healthier lifestyle (without throwing out everything in your fridge, your other half and the cat), you have to give these two books a go. Oh, and have I mentioned #notsponsored?

📗 GO WITH YOUR GUT - Robyn Youkilis (£7.80, eBay - buy here)

Go With Your Gut by Robyn Youkilis is such a life-changing read I can't even tell you. I picked it up a while ago in the Works and didn't think too much of it - it just seemed like a good book to read on the train on my way from work to be honest. You know, an easy one which talks about good food and how often one should poop. Well, the truth is that I haven't been pooping the same ever since that train journey. This book if full of tips on how to improve your digestion - which has always been a big troublemaker of mine. It covers everything from how to shop more efficiently, how to chew your food (how did I not know I've been doing it wrong?!), how to avoid bloated belly to how to make your own sauerkraut, nom! I'm not on the hunt for the perfect fermentation crock for some sauerkrauting action, yeh. So if your belly plays up sometimes, if you're feeling heavy and tired and sick of everything, this book will get you back on track!

📗 YOGA GIRL - Rachel Brathen (£13.90, eBay - buy here)

Another life changing read is the Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen. I've been following Rachel on Instagram (click here) for a couple of months now - she's such a bubbly inspirational yogi! Putting her work into context with her life, growing up, moving to Aruba and rescuing puppies together with practising some of her sequences makes you realize she's a lot more than just a pretty girl doing headstands on the beach. Such an inspirational read with loads of colourful pictures and guacamole recipes!

What's the most inspiration book you've read this year?