My current favourite eye products
This week has been a whirl of absolutely bloody brilliant and desperately want to dig up a hole and hide in it. That of course didn't spoil my morning make-up fun, oh no! I've been adding a little spice to my eye make-up with a golden toned eye liner (whuuuut?!) and some serious waterproof smokey eye. True story. Let me take you on a guided walk through my make-up bag - the eye edition.

Pixi Lash Line Ink (£12, Look Fantastic): Okay. you know that my eye loyalty to Eyeko is beyond any relationship I've ever had with any make-up brand but I do have to admit that this eyeliner is special. The tip is ever so thin & precise that it works the best as a lash thickener. Draw a thin line real close to your eyelashes - this will give them a boost and will make them look ten times thicker, take my word for it!
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Intensify Duo (£15, HQ Hair): This is where the wilderness of this month starts. This double ended eye pencil is just beautiful - the dark brown end is nothing special but the golden toned end is just - aaaaaah. I use it - as crazy as it may sound - on the bottom lash line. It really compliments my brown eyes, I think, and adds the slightest touch of playfulness (I ain't one to look overly playful - you know, a resting bitch face doesn't bode well with playful, so this is perfect!).
Gosh Forever Eyeshadow (£6.29, Superdrug): We all own at least one pot of the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoos right? They are fab, they work miraculously well instead of a primer and they are pretty to look at. Now, this Gosh pencil has an actual staying power of a tattoo. It's completely waterproof - I mean, I'd go swimming with this on and I'd have zero fear that I'll look like I've been punched in the face. It does not budge unless you use a make-up remover. It smudges beautifully into a dreamy smokey veil and because it's waterproof, it doesn't crease either.

What are your current favourite eye products? 

My current favourite eye products