Madame LA LA fake tan review
You know that when The Independent publishes an article on fake tan then that must be something extra special. And oh yes, yes, the said paper has indeed published an article on Madame LA LA - a new fake tan brand which promises nothing less than the iconic LA glow. But does it deliver?

I have tried two Madame LA LA products - Madame LA LA tan (£30, click here) and Madame LA LA West Coast (£25, click here). The regular tan is of mouse consistency and is very dark. It goes on streak-less which is always good for goofy bums like me. There are four things which I particularly enjoy about this tan - firstly, it has zero biscuit smell. Honestly - it actually smells slightly perfumed but in a fresh holiday kind of way, mmm! Secondly, it's very dark and the dark olive tone stays put fairly strong even after your initial shower. Some fake tans fade into an orange mess, but this one keeps the dark pretty realistic tan undertone. Thirdly, this tan is said to last up to 10 days. I tend to think of these claims the same way I think of 24 hour foundations. It just ain't possible and the feasibility aside - who would want a patchy 10 day tan?! Well, not many probably, but this tan is actually going quite strong after 10 days! And lastly, there's no fading into patches. At least on me this fades suspiciously naturally. So strange - in the most desirable fake-tan way!

If you can't tell (and you haven't seen my obsession manifested on Instagram), I'm head over heels with Madame LA LA! I've given away all other fake tans and gradual tans to my friends (yes, because I want them to be streaky orange whilst I have the most beautiful glowing LA tan, ha!) and have been religiously reapplying Madame LA LA every 7-10 days. In addition to the amazing body tan, there's also the West Coast facial serum. I have been loyal to my little Clarins bronzing drops (review here) but, as sad as it might be, I have been full on cheating on it with Madame LA LA. You know your fake tan's good when people ask you whether you've been out all Saturday whilst the sun was out because you're so tanned and glowing! Wheeheee!

You can now buy Madame LA LA products in Superdrug (click here)!