Powder Beauty Box
It's not very often that I'm impressed by a beauty box. FACT. Memebox and Peach & Lily are the rarest of exception because their products are just so different to what you can get in the UK shops. If I was to comb through the UK market for a good value box I'd probably pick Look Fantastic - it doesn't sweep you off your feet (sorry not sorry) but it does make you smile and gives you a good range of products to try. Now, see - the problem is that I enjoy being swept off my feet. By food, men... even by beauty products! And there's a new one in town. Let's sneak a peek!

Powder is not a beauty box as you know it. Powder is a beauty drawer. A beauty drawer created by a bunch of editors behind big names like Marie Claire, Look and InStyle. Those ladies (and perhaps men too!) got their heads together and came up with something different - a beauty box containing all the goodness from magazines and edits you can see on glossy pages of your favourite magazine.

The beauty drawer (it's an actual drawer, how bloody cool is that right) costs £35 (plus P&P) which is on the pricey side of the beauty box spectrum, however you are getting £113 worth of products (and they are not even exaggerating!). You can see how packed my box was - everything from Caudalie lip cream to STARSKIN mask (they started selling these in Selfridges recently!), Alpha-H Liquid Gold (I'm already obsessed with this!), St Tropez gradual tan (which I've been meaning to try since seeing it on Hello Terri Lowe) - and loads more. They also don't forget to ask you a couple of skin-related questions so you're not hoarding products which don't suit your skin at all.

To read more about the beauty drawer (or to buy it, wink wink), click HERE.

What are your thoughts on this editorial inspired beauty drawer?

Powder Beauty Box