We all love receiving presents (or two), and the ones who say they don't they are just plain liars. People are greedy by nature. FACT. And you know what we are also by nature? Judgmental. We like things we like and we dislike things we don't like - and that doesn't apply just to food or your fashion taste; this also applies to the long awaited Christmas season and presents. Do you remember the best Christmas present you've ever received? Of course you do! Because you loved it! And you also remember the worst one, right? Oh yes, you do.

What's the best gift you've ever received? I feel like I always get really lovely thoughtful presents from everyone but the ones I've always cherished the most were books and little but clearly very thought through presents. I remember once I received from my then boyfriend a complete collection of Woody Allen's plays. It was right around the time when I was beyond obsessed with his plays and would watch them repeatedly every weekend. I mean it was a pretty good hint from me but still I thought it was a very memorable present to me. What's yours?

Currys have published a pretty funny infographics about the greatest gifts ever given (see it here) - it's absolutely fabulous! For instance, did you know that Katy Perry bought (her now ex) Russel Brand a ticket to space?? Haha!