We all know that the Black Friday is on its way.. it's so close I can almost smell it.. mmm! Here are my top 5 black (Friday) picks - some of which you might even be able to score for a silly billy price on Friday the 27th November, woop!

Moleskine notepads
Because they make you look (and feel) like a grown up. And an intellectual. And like you have your shiz together. Add a sleek black pen and ideally pair with a black leather handbag. Well done, you may now introduce yourself as a solicitor or a cognitive therapy expert (to be.. one day.. in another life). M  

Pretty make-up
Who doesn't like a super sleep make-up packaging, right? I want all my make-up to either be packaged in black or gold. No exceptions. Wouldn't it look just magical? And you know, if it comes in blue or green... you can always spray paint it. Just saying.  

There's no excuse to not buy a candle in sale. It doesn't even need to be black (although I do like my oud and tobacco scents, mmm), just get a heavenly smelling Yankee candle as a pre-Christmas gift.. to yourself. 

Gadgets (especially the ones from 1930s)
I have an unhealthy obsession with vintage cameras. It's getting out of hand. See, if you asked me to choose either a pair of heels or a 1935 Ljubitel, I will definitely pick the latter. Sigh. Maybe E-bay will have some good vintage camera deals on again?

Sexy undies
I have been following For Love & Lemons on all social media possible for a little too long now. I really need to buy at least a bra before they start thinking that I'm just one of those crazy stalkers rather than a sensible research conducting shopper.

On Fridays we wear black.

And companies and brands are not staying behind - they take this monochromatic day of the year very seriously. For instance TNT are saying bye to their orange branding for the day - and swapping it for black!