We all want to be surrounded by pretty things. FACT. Sometimes what we have is not enough though - and we start striving for bigger and better. For instance the wardrobe you got two years ago - it's alright, it's a decent sized wardrobe from IKEA, nothing special but it does the job. But - wouldn't it be just amazing to have a better looking wardrobe, a slightly more sophisticated one, with sliding doors and extra baskets and all those additional hooks and shelves? That would be lovely. But where do you get the money for it? Well, obviously apart from doing your day job you can also look at other ways of getting the extra cash on hand through a number of different ways.

The very first and super important moment on the way to saving up is to set yourself a goal. Look at how much your expenses are, where you can cut down on spending, and how much you can realistically save up. If you really really really want that pair of Louboutin heels then maybe cutting down on restaurant lunches every day is the way to go. Lunch boxes are a real thing (and they can be quite tasty!). Just saying.

When you find yourself at a point that you want to buy something new and expensive then chances are that you are replacing something you already have. Why not to raise money through finding a new home for some of your old belongings that no longer bring you joy? There's a never ending number of channels to do so - you can list your items on Depop or E-bay. You can even open your very own stall at a car boot (Victoria is da expert in this)! Or you can go the good ol' Gumtree way! Also don't forget about pawn shops and places that buy your unwanted jewellery and handbags - they usually offer a better price than what you'd get on E-bay.  

Well that sounds bloody scary! Trust me - it's not! When I say 'second job' it doesn't necessarily mean you will be spending your evenings as a waitress in your local pub. I say find your passion and go a step further. Are you good at writing articles or photography? Or maybe you can speak a foreign language? Try part-time freelancing. Or blogging! Have you always been passionate about painting? Then give painting on commission a go! Or open a vintage jewellery Etsy store!    

I know, I know, you have your heart set on that one particular designer sofa you truly need in your life. But have you thought about alternatives? Maybe there's an even fancier more beautiful sofa out there that could be a touch more affordable for you at the moment? Or if it's a designer handbag then maybe you can look at visiting Bicester Village to see whether the outlets stock your dream bag for a fragment of the price?  

Maybe you're looking to invest into something huuuge? Well, in that case you might need to go as far as looking at the option of offering your house (or one of them if you're one of the lucky ones out there!) on the property market. There are places such as the Property Rescue where they buy your property right away without you having to wait for a serious buyer to show up on your doorstep.

There's always a way, you just need to find it!

What's your money-saving trick?