'Tis the season of dinner parties and everything festive. I ain't one to leave my cosy nest of a home very often so I imagine that once I grow up (at 26 you're still legitimately considered a child, right?), dinner parties will be my thing. In preparation of my very first big dinner party (I have honestly never done the whole 'come dine with me' thing yet), I'd like to introduce you to my dream dinner party squad (#goals for you right there!) including some home decor picks to go with it.  

The older I get the more I realize that the kitchen and the dining room are the epicenter of a house. Everything of any importance revolves around these two rooms, how crazy is that? Especially if your house has got 5+ bedrooms - the chances are you will be spending majority of your time in these two rooms anyways! This leads me to the point that your dining table is such an understated piece of furniture it's unbelievable! Invest in your table, I'm telling ya! My dream dining table is a proper old school industrial type wooden table with dark metal detailing (click here to see the one from the image above - it's a beaut!). It needs to be sturdy, majestic and forever - because I'm very tired of buying a dining table after a dining table after a dining table. In the space of 7 years I've had 3 IKEA dining tables. Can you believe it?! And I'm still not happy with the one I have at the moment! Gah!     

Okay, I need a big light. A big industrial looking light above the dining table. One that's to be noticed but at the same time won't dominate the room. At the moment I'm renting out so can't really change the light fittings but once I have my own house I really want large metal lampshades in the dining room - maybe even with slightly exposed Edison light bulbs, that would be beautiful! At the moment I do have a lot of plants and greenery in the kitchen but all my plants are still quite small. I can't wait for them to grow - hopefully by the time of my first dinner party they will be the size of palm trees! 

Now, who am I inviting for the big night in? 
✓ Sylvia Plath - ...because she's so deep I would probably not even be able to talk to her. I would just sit there with my mouth open in awe. She could recite some of her incredibly beautiful and depressing poems to kick of the evening.
Woody Allen - Woody would join in with his intellectual highly sophisticated jokes which half of the people there (including me) wouldn't understand (because they would about politics from the 1920s and Tolstoy's Russia).    
Isambard Brunel - You can't possibly have a dinner party without inviting the biggest genius of industrial (pre)revolution. Brunel would definitely appreciate my sense for industrial home decor and the bloody amazing industrial dining table. Thanks Issy!   
Frida Kahlo - Frida was apparently a party animal. Her Mexican dress would whirl around creating a never-ending rainbow of colours and beauty. And she was a fittie. Just saying.  

Why have I invited 4 people when my table can only hold 3 plus me? Because I will sit on my Moroccan poufe and watch this legendary dinner party unfold speechlessly from afar. Because, Christ - that's Woody AND Brunel at the same table!!

And what we're gonna eat? Probably some doodles from a local takeaway because I'm a terrible cook. Unless it wouldn't be inappropriate to serve spag bol? I make a good spag bol. And some craft beer. Mmmm!       

Would you like to win a brand new dining table for your home? You can enter the #comedinewithFV by creating a Pinterest board of your dream dinner party! I've created mine in the name of my big intellectual night in - check it out here! To read more about the competition please go to the Furniture Village website here.

Who would be at YOUR dinner party table?