The 5 iconic Nars kabuki brushes. Aren't they just beautiful? You could just cradle them in your hands and be staring at them for hours. Stunning little things! If you were to buy them Nars you'd fork out some £120+. That's the sort of price I just can't afford. If I was on a £100k salary I would probably part with this sum in blink of an eye. But I'm not. And I still want pretty things. What does that mean? I look for cheaper alternatives!

...and if the alternative happens to look just like the original, I ain't gonna complain. I'm pretty sure that a good portion of people out there will judge me for the whole 'spending money on dupes rather than on the brand' things but hey, I'll buy these AND I will eat Domino's pizza... every day for a whole week!

But.. but.. but.. - are these brushes any good? Hand on heart these are the softest brushes I own. They are way softer than MAC brushes (soz!) and Sigma brushes. And any other brand I've ever tried really. They don't shed either but you do have to be a touch more careful when washing them because of the rattan handles. 

Have you fallen in love? Well, then click away right HERE to buy them from the Aliexpress website. You can also buy individual brushes for £1-3 each depending on size and seller. Oh, and I must mention - they arrived in less than 2 weeks of purchasing which if you order from Chinese websites you will know is on par with next day delivery here in the UK!