I'm not the most experienced when it comes to high end make-up but I do enjoy the luxury of it - the warm feeling you get when you're using a Chanel perfume or a Guerlain lipstick. So it happens that over the past year or so I've managed to accumulate a few Dior bits & bobs. Let me show them (off) to you and tell you what I think about them price versus value.

This is actually the second travel lip gloss set from Dior I've had. The very first one (which consisted of slightly different shades) was a present from my Mum (thanks Mum!) who bought it in Sephora in Paris yonks ago (literally, I must have been about 12?). The second one was a fairly recent repurchase for this summer. Dior lip glosses are not sticky at all and have a very luxurious almost perfumey scent to them, mmmm. And you can tell by the state of the packaging that I've been using them to death those poor little things.

I own two Dior lipsticks - Dior Voluptuous in Mysterious Mauve and Dior Addict in Parisian Chic. Mysterious Mauve is a strong, I almost want to say - an aggressive purple shade with a hint of pearlescence. Not something I would wear every day - it's more of a going out shade for me. Parisian Chic is on the very opposite side of the lipstick spectrum - it's your very girly and very shimmery pink shade for every day wear.

All three nail polishes I have (Darling, Amazonia and Red Royalty) are equally stunning. I was sensible enough to pick three very wearable shades to be fair so that's probably one of the reasons why I wear all three of them pretty regularly. Red Royalty is your standard Hollywood red which everyone should own. Just saying.

Do you own any Dior products?
What are your thoughts on them?