Tapestries are a funny ol' thing. I used to avoid them because they just seemed so intimidating. A little like dresses with bold prints. At first you're oh so impressed by them and then you realize that they are so damn hard to wear because nothing goes with them. But once you get the hang of it you fall in love madly and deeply and forever (not like in a relationship sort of way, tapestries are way more loyal, just sayin). So where did my tapestry story take me?

It took me from being a scaredy tapestry cat to being mad about cat tapestry (see what I did here?). Do you remember this post? Cat tapestry was so in about a year or two ago! I had a cat tapestry tote and then a backpack... - in fact I still have these two in my wardrobe because I refuse to get rid of the beauty (although - c'mon, when and where would I wear a cat tapestry backpack to?). Not too long after the cat tapestry epoch I moved to a new house and started re-decorating it. Faux fur throws and cushions are cool. Honestly, they are pretty and cosy and warm and they make great home decor pieces! What is a little bit cooler than faux fur though is an oriental tapestry. In fact it doesn't necessary need to be oriental - tapestries from all over the world are plain magic. I've become particularly enchanted by Mexican culture when it comes to tapestry patterns - the sense of colours and their combination in their art is just extraordinary - which is perfectly illustrated on the artwork of one of my most favourite artists Frida Kahlo (see some of her work here to get the gist of this style)! 

And check out the clever infographic that my ever so favourite Anthropologie put together to showcase that tapestries are everywhere, even where you wouldn't expect them! You can now also use this nifty little tool (click here) that generates your very own tapestry - based on your travel experiences and travel fascinations amongst other factors. Oh and don't forget your way to the Anthropologie website, all the rugs, throws & cushions from the collage above are here.    

Have you tried weaving your own tapestry via the tool?
Let me know in the comments below what yours looks like!