Who, with hand on heart, can say that they've tried a skin care product which has visibly changed their skin and delivered exactly what it promised? There's always something - the product is alright but you don't like the way it feels on your skin, the product delivers but smells funny, the product is ace but just a touch too sticky. There's always something. I could probably name a handful of skin care products which I've loved with all my heart however not all of them had a visible effect on my skin. You can probably already guess that when I'm dedicating a whole post to a single product, it must be something big, something pretty damn impressive. And also something you have probably not heard of - it's the IASO Intensive Clear Booster.

I know, I know - you've never heard of the brand, the product, and what does it even do??!

IASO is a Korean brand which has been around since 2001 however is only just finding its way to the European market. Their mantra is to provide a strong yet gentle and deep yet clear skincare. And that's exactly how I would describe the IASO Intensive Clear Booster. The company itself describes this booster as an 'intensive skin retexturiser' and it contains the following active ingredients:

AHA/BHA complex
Aloe Leaf Juice
Tea Tree Leaf Oil
Cetella Asiatica

I use it every day both in the morning and in the evening right before my moisturiser - the consistency is very thin and has very little scent to it so you literally cannot feel it on your skin. Surprisingly enough for something you can barely detect on your skin, it's incredibly effective. Within a couple of months I have noticed that the texture of my skin is visibly smoother and firmer (I sound like a skincare ad here aha!). But swear to God it's made my skin flake-less and so damn smooth!! You can see how pretty much flawless my skin looks (touch wood!) in this post (okay, okay, I am wearing a foundation but you can still see that the complexion is really smooth, no bumps, lumps or dry patches!). Definitely one that I would recommend over say Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum (which although I really enjoyed using it for the lovely scent, it has never turned my skin into something better and silkier as promised) or even Yonka Hydralia Serum (which I used to love more than life itself).

You can buy IASO Intensive Clear Booster here. The lovely company has also offered 15% off on all purchases via the GO-IASO website to all Cityscape Bliss readers - just use CITYSCAPE at the checkout! The offer is valid until 31/12/15. Thanks IASO team!    

Have you used this brand before?
I'd love to hear how this booster works for troubled skin!