...or any flowers, for that matter. Although peonies are the flowers of riches & honour (true fact, google it) and also bloggers (because - has American scientist come up with a study for this yet?), they also have a very positive impact on our health and well-being

Have you actually ever stopped and thought about why cut flowers and potted flowers, gardens and greenhouses have always been such a massive part of our lives? 

The other day I read an actual study on how flowers influence our state of mind, emotions and lives in general. I wish I could remember who conducted this eye-opening research - for now let's just called him Professor Jeff. So Jeff found out something along the following lines:

⇢ flowers make us smile
⇢ flowers improve our mood
⇢ flowers make us more emotionally expressive 

How good is that?! Actually scientific proof right there. Now tell me why wouldn't you get yourself a bouquet of pretty flowers every now and then to cheer yourself up on a day when you're a little under the weather, or why wouldn't you give a bunch of flowers to someone you care about to make their day better? Now it's been scientifically proven you can't argue about it, ha! Ta Jeff! 

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