Kitchen inspiration

Look outside of the window! Just look! How bloody terrible is the weather today?! Here in the Midlands it's been chucking it down since yesterday evening. Meh. And that means only one thing - I will be spending the day looking for a quirky little hotel in Prague (where we going in three weeks, woop!), reading hundreds of blogs and contemplating autumnal tweaks in my little home. And you know which room gets extra pretty when the autumn comes? The kitchen. It's all the berries, the dark wood, the bowls full of hazel nuts and the scent of mulled wine.

new cutlery (£15, Wilkos, sold out): I'm not necessarily saying that you need to get a new set of cutlery but hey, this gunmetal number from Wilkos is so different from your average IKEA-style sets. In fact I passed my old boring cutlery onto my sister for her guest house (it wasn't that old at all, just very plain and generic) and replaced it with this unique set from Wilkos!   
potted plants (£2, IKEA): As you may have noticed from the talking-about-gardening-too-much post (here), I've been just a little obsessed with plants and flowers and everything green and garden. This berry plant in a pot is definitely on my IKEA to buy list (and so is the lavender really because - lavender!).  
wooden bowl (£7.99, H&M, sold out): Because everything you eat in autumn should be eaten from a wooden bowl. Just imagine a freshly baked loaf of bread in it... 
egg boiler (£12.99, Amazon): Eggs are the ultimate autumn breakfast. Eggs on toast, hard boiled eggs, poached eggs with asparagus. Eggs are one a few foods I find myself craving way too often! If you're struggling with egg recipes, have a look at the British Lion Eggs website, they have the best most concise egg recipe book there. You can find anything there from simple recipes like How to make an omelette to crazy-sounding ones like Gizzi Erskine's Australian Eggs Benedict. You're welcome
large mugs (£1.50, IKEA): Got these mugs last time we went to IKEA and they are the best size. Large enough but not too large so they're breaking your wrist. And I want to marble paint them - which colours would you choose? 
chopping board (£4, Wilkos, sold out): A fancy-ass chopping board. And what a bargain, right?! 
candles (£7.99, H&M, sold out): Although people tend to have candles mainly in living rooms and bedrooms, I think you get the most use out of them in the kitchen. Especially when you're not cooking (mixing clean sheets and Sunday roast ain't as pleasurable as it sounds), and having a cuppa, a candle or two will make you feel ten times cosier!  
tea towels (£6.99, H&M, sold out): Getting season-themed tea towels is so easy and affordable - and it makes such a difference to your home! 

What do you do to make your kitchen look more season appropriate?