It doesn't happen all that often on this blog anymore that you would see a traditional review of just one product on its own. Do you miss it? I don't really to be honest with you - blogs which focus on reviewing individual products are definitely one of the hardest & most elaborate to write - I give credit to everyone who's got the patience because I lost it less than a year into blogging. Today I thought we'd go back to backs and all that and I'd tell you my thoughts on a single perfume bottle - Anja Rubik's brand new EDP Original. And you know why? Because this one deserves it.

This scent is a soul baby of Anja Rubik - a model originally from Poland which is now one of the highest paid models in the world walking for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors. The back story is that Anja worked on this scent herself, trying to achieve a subjective scent which would portray her own femininity and chic. Now the argument of numerous reviews is that this scent is not original at all, smells boring, annoying even. Although I'm all for online reviews and when majority doesn't like it, it's probably pants, but this one, this one I will argue. Before you give it a sniff in Liberty, let me tell you what I think about the scent itself.

The scent is very crisp - at first you get very strong, almost androgynous wood & pepper notes. It's all very French & unisex to me up to the point where it develops into a very strong scent of white bitter lilies. Original is a sophisticated every day scent to me which makes me feel a little classier even in a pair of sweats and tee. It will be absolutely lush as a transitional summer-autumn scent. There.    

Oh - just gave Shaun a sniff and apparently it smells like a fruit bowl. Sigh. My conclusion? It's called Original because to every single person it just smells different. Absolutely bloody different. FACT. 

Now please go, sniff it and let me know what your thoughts are! You can get it here.       

Have you tried this perfume yet?
What does it smells like to you?