Every summer retailers bring out gazillions of the prettiest headbands. I, just like you, buy at least 3 every season - the floral crowns, the jingly ones, the sparkly chains, them all. Now the trouble is that I, just like you, wear them maybe once throughout whole summer, if at all. Why's that you ask me? Because I look like a bloody 5 year old child when I put them on. They are gorgeous when on your dresser but once you put them on without a particular strategic placement, they become an exemplary fail. Here are 4 tips how to turn from a daisy chain obsessed child to a wild bohemian fairy

Long gone are the times when slapping a headband on your head and pushing it upwards slightly to create the oh so sexy mushroom effect was socially acceptable. I've never actually been one for this trend - why would I want anyone to see the hideous rubber band wrapped around my unfortunately shaped skull? (My head is massive - because of the excessive amount of brain mass, obvs.) Now it's all about braids and twists. If you just can't master the braids or if you can but it seems like braiding your hair has taken over your life, try some of the nifty braiding tools such as the Scunci Instatwist. It's a really simple tool but works magic when you're in a rush and just want to get your hair out of the way! It twists two strands of hair separately and then together creating a braid like effect.   

Wearing headbands and crowns doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear your hair down. Or up. It means you can do at last a handful of different hairstyles in under 3 minutes. One of my favourite styles is dividing my hair into three sections plus fringe. I twist the back sections with the Instatwist tool (or braid them if I have some spare time), tie them in knots (literally) and secure them with pins. Now comes the crown or a headband which at this points sits really comfortably on my head. To hide the ugly rubber band on the sides and at the back, I either twist my fringe with the tool again or just pull it across the headband towards the back and secure with a pin. Voila!   

When on a headband hype, it might be a good idea to double check the amount of other accessories you're wearing. Sometimes wearing a massive floral crown AND bangles AND a body chain AND a statement necklace AND another set of bangles can be a touch too much. Unless you're going for a full on gypsy look covered in tarnished silver and gems. Then the more the better, thank you.  

Now, I don't mean to sound like a bad sport but sometimes, just sometimes, massive floral crowns are just not appropriate to wear. They are great for running in fields, jumping around at festivals, for long beach walks, even evening family barbecues. They are, unfortunately, not appropriate for cinemas, fancy dinners and offices. I've seen them all. Don't do it to me again please. 

Do you wear floral crowns and headbands?
How do you usually wear them?