Bathroom oomph

Moving to a new house (it's actually happening today, oh ehm gee, the panic, the excitement!) also means playing the interior designer game. Which is positively my most favourite game ever! In my life I've moved a fair bit, but never ever have I moved into a house, let alone it be with my favourite person in the world. And Cookie. The bathroom in our new house is not massive, but it has got a rather large bathtub with brass vintage taps and a shower head, massive mirrors and window (you can't imagine the excitement of a having a window in a room unless you've experienced life in a very much windowless flat, trust me). Despite the size and the rather unique tiling job (everything's black, very mirrory and very swirly), there's more than enough room to personalize the bathroom, to make it our own. Here are a few tips I've discovered throughout the hours spent on Pinterest and online home stores which you might find useful at giving your own bathroom that extra personal touch!  

I used to buy really cheap Primark towels and was well, alright with them. Until Cookie happened. Cookie's favourite pastime is, and this is not joke, climb up hanging towels. Which ultimately meant that all my lovely cheapo Primarni towels got ripped within days of purchase. A cat devil. Now I only buy higher quality towels which I know will survive Cookie's shenanigans. Plus towels look really nice not only as a functional item, but also as a decoration. You can hang fancy towels on racks (Homebase sells some nice heated towel rails at the moment), or you can get a basket or a crate, roll your towels and place them in it. It looks like you know your interior design shiz, but really - you just tossed your towels in a laundry basket in a fancy manner!    


British people, especially in big cities like Birmingham, I find, are not particularly into greenery in their homes - which to me is just unreal. Plants make such a difference to the air in your home! Different rooms require different plants - especially talking bathroom, as this room can get very humid, the temperature shoots up and drops down frequently and in relatively short time spans, et cetera. Sounds like a hassle? It's well worth it though - I always feel like relaxing in a bath and having miniature palm trees in front of you makes you feel like you're on a holiday! Go, go, go, ask at your local florist's which plant is the best for your bathroom.     


I've always been a fan of baskets - they are good for storing your towels, face cloths, but also beauty products such as lotions, oils, or even Lush bath bombs! Only recently I've found out the beauty of trays - especially silver trays. They make look every surface that little bit more sophisticated without making it look way over the top fancy. In our bathroom I've got a round silver plate with a decanter stuffed with fairy lights, some candles and a pretty looking bottles with body oils. Not only that it looks pretty but it's also rather functional - everything is nicely collated on a tray, no clutter anywhere else. 


It's such an obvious thing to light up a candle in your bathroom, but have you ever thought about a diffuser? Or a bunch of dried lavender? Because of all the temperature jumps & drops and shower gels, bath salts, etc you're using, your bathroom can become a place of confused scents. It's always nice to pick one scent which you'll have evaporating in the bathroom, whether you're having a relaxing bath or not. And I definitely don't mean Airwick air fresheners, oh dear no.  


Art is a pretty important part of interior design - what people tend to forget is that bathroom is a fantastic canvas too. Why not create a small picture gallery above your towel rack? My favourite are quotes, quotes here, quotes there, quotes everywhere that is. Even I have to admit though, that quotes can sometimes look a little funny in a rest room so be careful which ones you pick (no toilet jokes, please, just, stop it, right now!). 

What's your one tip for oomphing your bathroom?