How to be awesome

I'm sure you love your husband/boyfriend/fiance/that friend that's not just a friend very much. Did you know though that deep down under all that swag you might find a rather insecure boy? Men are a very strange species, they act all tough, tell you you're acting like a baby when you shed a tear or two, but in fact they are the babiest babies themselves. Here are a few tips Justin (and Barney) helped me put together for all the men/boys/scaredy cats out there to remind them that it's not all that difficult to feel awesome every day!

An easy confidence boost is having a decent (or at least half decent) wardrobe. I'm sure there's a holey vest (or two) in your drawer which you bought when you were going out with your first girlfriend and it fits oh so well, but man - it's not even white anymore and it would work as an emergency strainer for spaghetti that you're cooking for today’s dinner. Get rid of it. Burn it. Now! Instead try to give your style a little thought. Where do you work, what do you do in your free time, what do you find comfortable? I say you should go by the golden rule - dress your best every day. Get yourself a good quality suit (ideally tailored), a fitted shirt (always, but always iron it!), a good quality pair of shoes - you know, the complete outfit. You don't even need to go shops, there are online sites like InStitchu where you can have a tailored suit (including a shirt, trousers, a tie - the whole shabang) made from the comfort of your own home, you lazy git! If you want to go full on makeover, maybe get yourself a new hair cut, or at least a new shaver. None of this breaks your bank, but it'll make you feel a million dollars (why else do you think us girls indulge in make-up and fashion so much, ay?!). And if you're not convinced I highly recommend you listen to the suit song. You're welcome.       

That was easy - it's always easier to change the fa├žade, as the French would say. The real challenge comes when you start working on the inside. A good call would be to stop making your life miserable when in fact it isn't. Maybe it's lovely, even! So many men bring themselves down by being overly critical (about their weight, their lack of interests, the lack of income). The fact is you can change the world if only you decide to do so. Even if it's just your world you're changing here. Get yourself a watch (a nice treat to set you on the positive path) and go for a run, at least once a week. And time it - doh! - on your new watch. The pounds will go down; the corners of your mouth will go up. Tried and tested, mate.       

If all fails, then sit down (on a bar stool, in your new tailored suit), cross your legs (in a manly manner) and ask yourself - what would Barney Stinson do? Well, he would definitely be confident no matter how desperate the situation, how much gloom the day brings or how many people tick him off. Learn from Barney. He’s legen-waitforit-dary after all!

PS: Us women love self-proclaimed awesome men. We love it when you’ve got a half interesting life (no coach potato living off beans on toast and Gogglebox), an ambitious personality (even if your ambition is to finish the newest Grand Theft auto in a record time or becoming the world champion in eating hotdogs) and a good wardrobe (a suit that is, preferably – because a suit is the sole reason why Bridget went for Mr Darcy and not Daniel Cleaver, hashtag just sayin’).   

Q for GENTLEMEN: What do you do to feel awesome? Any tips you’d like to share with other lads here?

Q for LADIES: The hottest man in a suit – leave your choices in comments below!