Peach and Lily box
Another Korean beauty box, oh yes. And this one is super duper special (as if they all aren't, ay!). It's called the Seoulcialite box and it's been created by Peach & Lily - an e-portal where you can buy Asian beauty products (which are usually a right pain to get hold of).

This box is slightly larger than your standard say Memebox - and some of the products are what I would call high end in terms of Western beauty products. Let's have a quick run down of what's in this box. 

Banila Co Clear it Zero: A cleanser of the month, if not of the past half a year. This cleanser has got a 'sherbet' texture which melts into oil once it touches your skin. I use it in the shower and find it super gentle (even more gentle than Liz Earle C&P) and works like a treat.  
Cremorlab Triple Bright White Bloom Floral Cream: This is one of the higher end products in my opinion. The packaging looks and feels quite luxurious - personally, I think the design of the packaging is absolutely stunning (and so is everything in the Cremorlab range). The cream itself is moisturizing and feels nice on my skin - I find it quite similar to the Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ cream (which I love - read more about it here). 
Be the Skin Non-Stimulus Face Polisher: I haven't tried this face polisher yet as I'm a bit overwhelmed by the facial scrubs at the moment, but it smells lovely. I'll let you know once I've used it!
Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder: Mizooooon - one of those Korean brands I've been wanting to try for absolute ages but couldn't make a decision on what to pick first! This is quite a tricky product to use as you need to use it diluted in water and the whole process entails two steps. At the moment I find this too precious to open so I'm trying to be good and wait until we move to a new house so I can take pictures in our future larger bathroom for you. It will be epic! (both our new bathroom and this product, that is)
Peripera Smoothie Waterproof Pencil Liner: I can't even describe how impressed I am by this eye liner. When I first opened the box I was like eeerm, eyeliner? naaah mate, I don't use pencil eyeliners. But you know, being a nosey git like me, the urge to swatch it was stronger than my brains so I drew a brutal swatch on my hand. A black liner with rainbow glitter particles. Booooring. (6 hours later, in shower) Shit, this stuff ain't comin' off! How is it even possible?! It's a pencil liner! Serious - this thing doesn't budge. I had to scrub it with a nail brush to get it off! I find it stays on my eyes longer than my Eyeko skinny liner which is a shocker (and not that you really need anything to stay on your eyes for that long anyways). It's a strong contestant in the war of liners at the moment and considering you get a pencil sharpener with it for free makes is twice as awesome.   
Mizon Correct Combo Lip Gloss: A yummy lip gloss which has got a great colour pay off (and quite an intense pink shade)!
Cremorlab Travel Kit: Again, let's take a moment to appreciate Cremorlab's gorgeous packaging. And can we also appreciate the simple but absolutely adorable make-up bag? Aaaah! 
Earrings: I'm not a massive fan of blingy bling but it's such a lovely touch to add a sparkle into the box. I might take these out during the festive season, me thinks! 

Overall I think this box is fabulous - it has got some well known Korean brands which are still pretty difficult to get your mitts on and it has got some less known brands which you would normally not even know they exist. For $49 (ca £30) it's on a rather pricier side of the box spectrum but you're getting 6 full sized products, a travel kit, a little blingy present and free shipping all included. Go to Peach & Lily for more information on the products & the box itself! 

Have you bought anything from Peach & Lily before?
Where do you buy Korean products from?