Michael Kors, Clarins, Jane Iredale, Joan Collins review
Lately I've been really enjoying using my slightly more grown up beauty products. And by grown up I mean no cat-shaped lipsticks, no Hello-Kitty-shaped pocket mirrors, no hand creams that smell like artificial apple pies. Nothing against apple pies and cat-shaped lipsticks, God forbid! However I might be entering the age when I would rather have one pretty slightly fancier (read a tad more expensive, ouch!) lipstick which I'm going to be using every single day rather than 5 over the top cute ones in green, blue and yellow colour which might be cheaper and funkier but I'll never ever use them apart from swatching them for the ol' blog.

Not only has my taste been steering the fancy schmancy way - I also feel like the retailers have been pretty good at accommodating my taste. The brands (and products) which make my heart skip a beat at the moment are:

You might remember this post about Jane Iredale from last year - that's when I first heard about the brand. In all honesty - there's not enough hype around Jane Iredale, which is not only surprising, but it's also an utter shame! Just look at the stunning packaging of one of her most recent launches - the Celebrate eye shadow trio from the City Nights collection. Apart from it being beautiful on the outside, the product itself is ace too - the colour selection is spot on for the autumn/winter season and allows you to create both a day and evening look as the shadows are easily buildable. You can buy this palette on the Jane Iredale website. FeelUnique and BeautyBay also have a wide range of Jane Iredale in stock!       

As you might know already, Clarins eye shadows are one of my absolute favourites. It's always hard for me to get out of the rut once I get into using the Wet & Dry eye quartet (mine is in shade Nude, real full review here). These eye shadows are just so easy to use and they last all day without touching up (which is exactly what you want your eye shadow to be doing nonetheless many don't stay put for more than a handful of hours, meh). Another Clarins favourite of mine is the Golden Glow Booster (read full review here), which is nothing more than a very concentrated fake tan liquid which you dilute in your favourite moisturiser - this way you're able to regulate whether you turn into an English tea with milk shade or a full on coke zero tropical tan.     

Not only that me & Terri have been having a bit of a Michael Kors handbag moment lately, I have also been going a bit cray cray in the Michael Kors beauty section (someone should give me a good slap on the wrist really). You could have read about my MK make-up bag staple here, but if you haven't then let me tell you that Michael Kors lipsticks are even better than Michael Kors handbags. They are the epitome of lipstick beauty. The shade I use just about every day is called Diva - it's a cross between a gorgeous lipstick and a lip balm (although I don't think Mike would ever market his lipsticks as balms, ya know) and you can get it in House of Fraser (the price is rather steep but man, it is worth every bloody penny!). From the nail polish range I've been enchanted by the colour Seduction (also from House of Fraser) which is a murky grey/black shade - in the bottle it looks a bit like a really depressing galaxy.    

Finally a few very recent launches - from Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty collection (you can read about some of her previous launches here). The Brow & Eye Definition Kit (you can buy via QVC) is definitely on the fancier side of the brow kit spectrum. The packaging is very similar to the Joan Collins Eyeshadow Quad, however it contains a brown brow colour, a black eyeliner shade, a matte pinky highlighter and a wax. Everything you need to get a really natural quick eye make-up sorted on the go. What I really like about this kit is that it comes with a double sided (yes, double sided!) angled brush, a spoolie and a pair of tweezers. Pretty damn genius I think and ideal for travelling (in style). I'm not gonna sugar coat it - I didn't have high (if any) hopes for the Liquid Frameline Eyeliner. I'm a 100% Eyeko girl and converting me is impossible at this stage of brand loyalty. But you know what? I was more than pleasantly surprised! I don't think this eyeliner will replace my Eyeko stash but even I have to admit that it's pretty darn amazeballs - especially the formula. It doesn't budge and the shade is true black - qualities which are (surprisingly) rather difficult to find in eyeliners. So well done on that one Joan! Last but not least there's this super fancy Crystal pocket mirror. It comes in an even fancier black velvet pouch and the mirror itself has got both a regular and magnifying mirror inside. You can buy these products on the Joan Collins website.          

The self-indulgence aside, all these products would make amazing presents for any woman in your life, be it a friend or your mum, in fact I will be getting some Joan Collins for my own mummy this year because last time I went home for holiday she raided my make-up bag and proclaimed she's never seen such pretty make-up and needs some. Guess that was a hint, right? Ha! 

Has your beauty taste shifted over the years or do you still enjoy the same brands and products?