industrial touch
photographic lamp // sheep skin rug // NYC wall art (sold out)// floor cushion // wire wall art (sold out) // industrial heater // rattan laundry basket (sold out) // B/W photographs on canvas (sold out)
Who does not dream of living in an industrial loft in the heart of New York with stacks of books next to their bed & an exposed brick wall in their bedroom? Cough, cough, everyone & their cat would love that, am I not right? Now the thing is not everyone (and their cat) will actually get that loft apartment with a French window which opens to a view of the whole Manhattan. What we all can have though is a touch of industrial interior design no matter where we live or don't live. In three easy steps you can create your own gust of industrial revolution in your home.   

Industrial lofts are a haven of various materials and textures. Myth number one - you have to live in an old pen factory to have a red brick wall in your bedroom. It's a lie! You can pop into your local Homebase and get yourself a red brick wallpaper (sold out) - whaat?! - oh yes, or a white, or even a black brick one. Dead easy! Even if you're not into the whole redecorating shebang not all's lost. You can grab either a snazzy sheep rug & throw it in front of your bed or even in front of your sofa so your feet are all toasty on these cold autumn days. Alternatively you can add anything made from rattan, thick knotty wool, rusty metal, linen or even branches from trees you picked up on a morning walk with your dog (or cat). Everything every so slightly unique & raw-material looking is a win!      

The simplest yet very effective way of industrialising your living space is adding a piece of wall art (sold out). If you don't feel like being super creative and framing blown up photographs snapped with your own camera then you can pick up some stunning black & white images of industrial revolution, or your favourite cityscape. If you come across something super modern - say a piece of art made out of wire, don't abandon it straight away for it being too eccentric - it might look rather classy on your (fake, shhhh!) brick wall!  

My favourite thing about industrial style interiors is that everything is somehow functional. Even items which seem to have purely decorative purpose, e.g. photographs on canvas, add somewhat historical/emotional value to your everyday life and make your brain gears spin that extra round. From photographic lamps (if someone knows where to get Edison light bulbs on high street, fill me in please!) to industrial looking heaters, you have plenty options to choose from. Even if it's just a slightly imperfect au naturale looking candle, it will instantly add that industrial this-used-to-be-a-textile-factory-but-now-it's-all-mine-and-cosy oomph to your home. 

Do you like the industrial interior decor?
Or do you think it's just one of those trends that will soon be oh-so-out?

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