How to wear swimsuit as a part of your daily wardrobe
swimsuit - c/o Psyche // shorts - Levi's // shoes - Converse // cardigan - H&M
Have you just bought a new swimsuit or bikini and absolutely refuse NOT to wear it before next summer comes around? I feel you. That's why I went on a research quest for you & came back with a list of various ways how to utilise your new piece of swimwear as a part of your autumn wardrobe without the risk of others thinkin' you're an absolute loon.

Just a different material leotard really. It's not the most comfy piece of clothing ever, but if your swimsuit has got really swanky detailing (like the one I'm wearing in the picture above) you can't just leave it in your wardrobe collecting dust for another 10 months or so! Throw on a pair of ripped denim shorts, your old Converse & an oversized cardigan (I'm obsessed with this one from H&M, it's so comfy & goes with absolutely everything - I was on a hunt for it for monthS! #saddo). If anyone asks just say it's one of those scuba materials! *wink wink* Hashtag tried & tested. 

So much easier to pull off, especially with the bralet trend bein' everywhere at the moment! Throw on your favourite high waisted skirt & a strapless bikini top and off you go for a night out. Because the scuba material is so in at the moment, it's so easy to get away with this. Or even wearing a bikini top under a vest top with dropped arm holes would look ace!  

Not as easy to wear (or comfortable really) but it's a priceless piece for when you're wearing sheer skirts or dresses or something terribly short. It always makes me feel a bit safer wearing bikini bottoms in these situations because they were made for people to see so there's not much of a risk of a faux pas! 

Just a side note - I'm totally not tellin' you to wear swimsuits instead of T-shirts & bikini bottoms instead of your knickers! It's just a little trick that you can use when you either feel like spicing up your outfit or need a little functionality boost of your underwear! 

Do you sometimes wear swimwear as a part of your everyday wardrobe?
Or do you think it's absolutely bonkers?