Yoghurt - skin benefits
A yoghurt. Or is it a yogurt? Try to say it 25 times in a row. Yup. It's one of those words that stop making sense sometime after 5th repeat. This blog post ain't a linguistic one, don't ya worry. It's the last one in my 'Au Naturale' quadrilogy, one where I tell you why you should be slappin' loads of yoghurt on your face (and legs)
So you've bought a yoghurt. But is it a real yoghurt? Loads of yoghurts in your local supermarket are actually not as much yoghurts as they are just creamy quarky mixtures of sugar, milk & a spoonful of chemicals. When you're buying a yoghurt (be it for eating or DIY masks), try to get an unsweetened probiotic one (they're usually right next to Greek yoghurts). This means that it has got all the right bacteria in it which is the key thing you're looking for - all the colourants, flavours and fruits, these are just going to irritate your skin so avoid them like the plague. 

As a mask - for anywhere where your skin feels irritated - you can just use it plain - and carefully apply it with either hand or a spatula, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off, or you can spice it up and various ingredients to boost up the effects. Think oats, honey, cucumber slices, olive oil, mashed avocado. Not only that the probiotics help calming irritated skin (especially good after shaving or brutal sugaring - read here how to go about it), but the various ingredients help with other little whims of your skin such as ingrown hairs and spots. 

Tip: Put the yoghurt in the fridge or even freezer just before you use it - it will have nice cooling effect on the skin!  

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