Memebox Global #13

Another day, another Memebox. I'm utterly obsessed. I literally want to order all of them at once - they just recently restocked their new princess themed boxes; they now have Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & Rapunzel - how bloody cool is that? I mean, if it's not a princess theme that draws you in, then it's definitely the fact that their most recent Global box #13 had a pack of tampons, a face mask in a syringe, a CC cream with snail extract & a serum from mouldy soya beans in it! 

These boxes never cease to surprise me. Let me give you a quick recap of what I found in the most recent one:

Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ cream: I've been using this cream since the day I got the box and oh myyy, it's so good! It's a really strange texture, I would say it's almost a paste rather than a cream. And it's a full size jar, have I mentioned that?  
Soy BIO+ Fermented Lumpoule: Another very strange product - a lumpoule. Made from fermented soya beans, whaaaa?! This is a complexion brightening serum - in full size this costs almost $200 - blimey! 
Nuganic Pure Snail CC cream: Finally! A snail CC cream in my life (and a full size again)! This one comes out white and only after it's oxidized, it turns a nice shade of nude colour. BAM! Plus it also smells super nice - like clean sheets & washing powder, mmmm.   
CX Detoxifying Air Therapy: A face mask in a syringe made from carbonated water. This is full size (again, oh ehm gee!) which costs $50! Apparently you apply this on your face, slap on the paper mask and wait until the tingles the crap out of your skin! Can't wait to try this on the weekend!
Donga tampons: Dating back to 1970's, Donga was the very first Korean company to produce tampons. Wow. Just wow. Imagine opening your Glossy box and finding a pack of Tampax, pahaha!
CNP Derma-Scalp shampoo: This is actually comin' at the best time possible as my scalp happens to be peeling - very mysterious & super annoying. 
CNP Tone Up Protection Sun: SPF42 sunscreen, a great addition to your travel make-up bag. 

Look how many things there are in this box and how many of them are full size! I'm pretty sure none of the Western boxes can beat this - and it's not just value for money, it's the brands and the actual products that get me really excite and appreciative of Memebox (no, they're not payin' me to say that - although maybe they could? *wink wink*) Browse the newest Memeboxes here. And don't forget to use NMPGVR code to get $5 off (basically your postage is for free). Cannot wait for another box to come!

Have you tried Memebox yet?
What would your reaction be if you found a pack of tampons in your beauty box?!!