Makeup Revolution skincare review

Oh hello there Makeup Revolution! Long time no see - oooh, you've been busy? I'm not surprised - you look like you've been taking over the whole bloody drugstore! It started off with a few eyeshadows, an odd lipstick and a quite swanky palettes. Now it's all heart shaped blushers, a palette that looks like a chocolate bar and a skincare line! WHAAA?!

I know, I know - you're like - how can they create a reliable, high quality skincare line when they basically JUST launched as a brand? The explanation is seeemples *in a meerkat accent*. There are generic products out there that can be adapted by various brands (obviously via purchasing license and what not). The said company can then do their marketing magic and voila - a 'new' product is born and you don't have to be worried that it hasn't been tested enough prior to slappin' it on your lovely face. This is (most likely) what's happened here - and to be fair, I can't blame Makeup Revolution for jumping on a band wagon - at least these products are cheaper than what some other companies are selling them for *cough Facacia cough almost half price cough Faceb4 cough cough*. 

Now this is all clear, let's have a closer look at the products. I've got these three key players in front of me:

Antibacterial Face Wash: This is quite an interesting product - it's a combination of 2 complimentary products in fact. One tub contains a toner and one tub contains a cleanser. Together this dual formula acts as an antibacterial force against the nasty germs that cause spots. Once dispensed, the product turns into a scent-free foam which is actually quite pleasant when your skin is irritated. Although my skin is not particularly acne prone, I sometimes get an odd spot from touching my face *slaps wrist*. I've been using this on a daily basis - even multiple times a day, especially on the weekend when I'm lounging around at home, stroke Cookie every 2 minutes and then go ahead and rub my chin or touch my cheeks. The result is nothing dramatic - which I assume can only be a good thing as I haven't had any spots for a while, touch wood!    
Antibacterial Serum & Primer: Again, an antibacterial product. Again, a dual formula. This product is a combo of a serum & a primer. If you've read this post you will know that I was quite happy with my Bourjois primer - this has ran out though and the Makeup Revolution serum/primer is a rather decent replacement, I have to admit! Because of the serum it feels very moisturising on my skin and as there are no silicons, it doesn't break me out. It also compliments quite nicely the Antibacterial face wash!  
Amazing Make-up Fixing Spray: Not really a part of the skincare range - yet I feel like it deserves another mention. I've been using this fixing spray for a while and it's been nothing but joy to use. It sets my make-up nicely and it does the best job at waking me up in the morning, muhaha! You can read a full review here. 

Each cost a tenner (apart from the fixing spray - that one costs just £5) and you can get them here.

Have you tried these yet?
What do you think about Makeup Revolution as a brand so far?
Go wild down in the comment section, muhaha! 

Disclaimer: I got these from Makeup Revolution for review purposes. Thanks MR!