Homemade exfoliator recipe

Together with Luxury Legs (a company who's all about legz) and 4 other bloggers (you can read about them here) I've embarked on a 30 day journey of keepin' my legs in as natural state as possible (and yes, that means no epilator or razor for 30 days, please try not to vom right away). In these 4 'Au Naturale' weeks I shall be trying 4 different natural methods of keeping your legs lovely & smooth - with use of things you find in your cupboard. Horror, dread, panic. Today I've made my own homemade exfoliator (because what's worse than flaky dry legs, bleurgh) - scroll down for recipe!

What do you need?
⇢ 1 tbsp of coffee grounds
⇢ 1 tbsp of baby shampoo 
⇢ 1 tbsp of honey
⇢ 3 tbsp of brown sugar
⇢ a bit of water

I made this basic recipe just a tad more yummy & added some lemon juice and lavender sugar. I also used a regular shampoo rather than a baby shampoo as I'm not a mummy yet (hence no baby shampoo) and Cookie uses Lynx (hence no cat baby shampoo). Mix everything together - use common sense to get a nice thick-ish paste (think Laura Mercier scrub texture, mmm). Once you're done, leave it to stand for a few minutes and then place it in a container (I used a glass jar because it looks swanky on my bathroom shelf). I suggest you keep this in a cool place (which bathroom usually is, but fridge would do too) and use it within a few weeks. 

If you're asking how does this compare to a regular exfoliator from a drugstore then the answer is - it's pretty much comparable (minus chemicals/artificial ingredients). In the end most exfoliators are made from sugar and some sort of moisturiser! The only difference is the time you spend mixing up the ingredients versus popping into your local Boots - you decide which one you prefer.      

TIP: Use your imagination - you can use various ingredients to spice it up a bit - it can be an olive oil, some herbs, essential oils, crushed nut shells. Just keep in mind that some of the ingredients might mean that the expiration time of the exfoliator will be shorter.

To read more about 'au naturale' ways of keeping your legs smooth read this article on Luxury Legs' blog or wait until next week & read more on Cityscape Bliss!

How often do you shave your legs?
Have you ever gone 30+ days au naturale yourself?  

Homemade exfoliator recipe

Homemade exfoliator recipe

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