How hard it is to find a new beauty brand (or any brand really) that you've never heard of before? Especially when you decide to keep the search party within the borders of this country. It's bloody hard, let me tell you! I was over the moon when I heard about Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty make-up line - I mean, that girl has got it in her! She's always rocked a bold look and even now at the age of 81 she ain't scared a thing. Inspirational or what?  
Not gonna lie, this is not a make-up range for teenage kids (unless you're really into everything vintagey & you've got some extra cash in your pocket). The packaging is absolutely stunning - this is what all make-up brands should be aiming for - something that not only is but also looks expensive. No girl will say no to a classic golden toned compact and a golden toned lipstick case which feels almost like metal. Swoon!    

Lipsticks in Sabina & Evelyn (£18 each): These lipsticks come in some mega bold shades - and with that sort of colour selection you'd also expect them to be mega drying. Well that would be a mistake - the formula is probably more moisturising than Revlon lip butters. Intensive hydration however means a short life span on your lips - which is not necessarily a bad thing - it was just unexpected for me. They are both creamy (almost buttery) & very comfortable to wear - although do get ready for a bit of a reapplication exercise. 
Eye Shadow quad in Moody Browns & Gold (£25): This quad has got a nice selection of wearable matte shades (try to create a subtle matte smokey eye with these, so easy!). It's nothing wow but they are so easy to use and thanks to the drier texture they stay on the lid for quite a while. The glittery shade adds a little subtle sparkle on days when you feel like you're make-up is a bit of a bore. It does remind me of the Clarins quads (which are my most favourite eye shadows ever, but shhhh!).
Blusher in Natural Glow (£22): This is hands down my favourite from the three - the colour is so flattering - maybe because the shade works as both a blusher and a contour. You can see from the swatch that it has got a touch of very fine shimmer in it which just adds more brownie points!

Somehow I'd expected the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line to be a bit bolder - the colours to be more vivid & brighter, but at the end of the day these are quite pricey products and you want to get as much use as possible out of them which these subtle colours allow you to do. You can splurge on these either at QVC or on the official Joan Collins Timeless Beauty website.    

What's your latest make-up discovery?
Do you often come across brands you've never heard of before?

Disclaimer: These products have been provided for purpose of a review - they are super lush though, pinky promise you that! Thank you Joan, you foxy cat!