Chubby sticks

Oh no, not another chubby stick blog post! There are so many chubby sticks around that about half of the people seeing this post in their feed won't even click on it. And not only that they won't click on it, they're probably even gonna snort in disgust over yet another chubby stick bloglovin' feed invasion. Do you know, though, which chubby sticks are the best (read: bloody brilliant)?

How many chubby sticks is one too many? Should you consider a make-up addict rehab when you still attempt hunting down a chubby stick freebie in Glamour magazine even though you own 6+ of them already? Maybe? No? No. Definitely not. Totally normal. Right? Let me do a quick recap on the stash'izz situation here - these are my favourite chubby stick things - I love their texture, consistency, shades & even the fact that they all come in a very similar packaging. 

⇢ Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Crush (£7.99, Boots): The darkest of the chubby sticks I own - I'd been debating whether to get this or not for something like a year (yes, my brain does have the capacity to obsess over a shade of a lipstick for 12+ months, sorry not sorry). Finally, I got this amazing autumn shade - just as we hit spring. I've been wearing it nonetheless and it's lovely and pretty and it stains white shirts real bad. 
⇢ Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling (£7.99, Boots): Darling & Honey (below) were my very first shades. Although the colour of the packaging makes them look a bit boring & plain, they are not. Well, Honey sorta is. It's a pretty bland old-fashioned pink which makes me look about 55 but I still wear it because these are better than regular lip balms. Darling is far from boring though - in the bullet it looks like a meh pink/purple but once applied it transforms into this crazy fuchsia colour! And the shade looks so so flattering on! 
⇢ Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (£7.99, Boots)
⇢ Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking (£7.99, Boots): This one is a bit tricky. I don't usually go for bright orange-toned reds (or even extreme matte finish), but I got this as a present from Justin & for that reason alone I can't let get rid off it. It's super bright and super drying - which also means that it's got super staying power. 
⇢ Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on the Beach (£7.99, Boots): This little thing is a repurchase. It happened on one lovely spring evening - I bought a new cabinet for my make-up, neatly organised all my lipsticks in a holder, placed the holder in a drawer and on the top of the chest of drawers I arranged my collection of snow globes. 2 seconds later: BAM! SMASH! The awesome IKEA cabinet crumbled under the weight of make-up snow globes gravity. All my snow globes got totally smashed. And so did ONE lipstick. ONE. This one. And it was a brand new one.*sigh* And because I cried so much a little, Justin got me a new one! Bless. It is the peachiest summer shade you can imagine.    
⇢ Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony (£16.99 £14.99, Chemist Direct): The only chubby stick that's actually called a chubby stick. The real deal. I find these to be slightly less pigmented and more staining than the Revlon/Bourjois ones - which means that initially the colour is not very strong however once it's faded you can still see quite a strong hint of colour which lasts on your lips for hours & hours. Definitely one to use in summer as it doesn't dry your lips out at all, not a single bit.   

Erm, excuse me, where are some swatches?! If you want swatches, mate, Google them. There are too many swatches out there already and there's literally no point in the universe for me to swatch them again.

Which chubby stick is your fave?
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Disclaimer: I received the Clinique Chubby Stick from Chemist Direct some time ago and featured it in a haul here.